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TPA3116D2 Wireless Bluetooth-compatible Audio Stereo Module 50W+50W BLE5.0 AUX Treble/Bass Adjustable Digital Amplifier Module

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    ZK-502T is a high-power Treble/Bass adjustable stereo Bluetooth audio module.Dual channels audio signal output.Built-in amplifier module therefore it can connect to loudspeaker directly. It supply Bluetooth music receive and AUX audio input. It is ideal for DIY wireless Bluetooth speakers and transponders.
    1>.Treble/Bass adjustable
    2>.Width work voltage range
    3>.Applicable multiple type speakers
    4>.Knob adjustment
    5>.Potentiometer support switch function
    6>.Support short circuit protection
    7>.Support over voltage protection
    8>.Support under-voltage protection
    9>.Support over temperature protection
    10>.Automatic DC recognition
    11>.Dual stereo output
    12>.Support AUX audio input
    13>.Built-in filter capacitor
    1>.Product name:ZK-502T Treble/Bass Adjustable Bluetooth Amplifier Module
    3>.Work Voltage:DC 9V-27V
    4>.Work Current:>2A
    5>.Communication distance:10meter(Max)
    6>.Channel:Dual channel stereo output
    7>.Output impedance:4ohm~8ohm
    8>.Match speaker:15W~100W
    9>.Bluetooth:BLE 5.0
    10>.Controller IC: TPA3116D2
    12>.Audio input type:Bluetooth/AUX
    13>.Output Power:
        13.1>.Output power 15W*2 at 12V 8ohm
        13.2>.Output power 30W*2 at 12V 4ohm
        13.3>.Output power 20W*2 at 19V 8ohm
        13.4>.Output power 40W*2 at 19V 4ohm
        13.5>.Output power 30W*2 at 24V 8ohm
        13.6>.Output power 50W*2 at 24V 4ohm
    14>.Work Temperature:-40℃~85℃
    15>.Work Humidity:0%~95%RH
    16>.Module Size(Installed):112*70*21mm
4.Use steps:
    1>.Choose the right speaker and connect as shown in wiring diagram.
    2>.Connect to right power supply from input terminal.LED indicator will flashing and it means that module enters pairing mode.And then speak prompt voice and it means that module is waiting for pairing.
    3>.Turn ON Bluetooth on phone.
    4>.Select Bluetooth device ‘BT-WUZHI’ in your Bluetooth device listing.
    5>.LED indicator will keep ON and it means that module is successfully connected and is waiting for playing.
    6>.Module will playing music after select music on phone.LED indicator will keep slowly blinking.
    7>.Increase volume by turn right potentiometer by VOLUME.
    8>.Decrease volume by turn left potentiometer by VOLUME.
    9>.Press VOLUME potentiometer to play or pause music. 
    10>.Adjust Treble/Bass by other two potentiometer.
    11>.Module will speak prompt voice if disconnected.
    1>.Modified speaker
    2>.Amplifier equipment
    3>.Car Bluetooth device
    1>.The power amplifier board should be as far away as possible from the WIFI signal (router) avoid signal interference.
    2>.Recommended power supply voltage DC 9~27V.Module will be damaged if input voltage is more than 27V.
    3>.Please don’t use too long wires to avoid signal interference.
    4>.Please read use manual and description before use.
7.Frequently Asked Questions:
    1>.How to choose a power supply adapter?
        Q: The power supply of the module is very critical. The user must pay enough attention to the power supply. Otherwise it may not work properly. 
        The higher the voltage and the higher the current then the better the output power. It is better to connect 3~4in speaker if user only have 12V 1A power adapter. It is no problem to connect 8~10in speaker if user have a power adapter which more than 19V 5A.
        If the voltage is too low, the sound will be distorted after the sound is amplified.
        If the current is too small, the speaker cannot be driven to work, and the speaker will pull the voltage low, resulting in abnormal operation or poor sound quality.
        It is recommended to use 18V/19V/24V power supply with current above 5A.
        Putting the volume to the maximum may be distorted, affecting the sound quality if input low power adapter such as 9V/12V or 1A/2A adapter.
    2>.How to choose a speaker?
        Q:Commonly used speakers are generally 4ohm~8ohm.The speaker no need distinguish between positive and negative polarity.
        It can also work properly if the speaker has low power such as 20W~50W. But it needs connect to low power adapter such as less than 15V to prevent damage to the speaker.
        User don't have to worry about the problem of the speaker burning out if connect to 100W~200W speaker.Module can connect 12V~24V.The higher the voltage selected, the greater the sound or power that can be output.
        Speaker power cannot exceed 200W, otherwise it will affect the sound quality.
    3>.How to choose Bluetooth or AUX audio input mode?
        Q: Bluetooth mode has priority over AUX mode.User need disconnect Bluetooth if use AUX as input video signal.
    4>.Why is the volume working normally when volume small, and there is turbidity after increase volume?
        Q: Sound distortion.Please change the adapter power supply with higher voltage level.
    5>.Why is the volume working normally when volume small, and there is pause after increase volume?
        Q: The input power is insufficient.Please change the adapter power supply with higher voltage level.
        Power supply itself intermittent power-off protection.Please change a match power adapter.
        The power of the power supply is too large so please reduce the power of the input power.
        The power amplifier board is seriously heated resulting in trigger overheat protection.So please increase the radiator.
    6>.How to adjust Treble/Bass?
        The middle BASS potentiometer is used to control the bass. Rotate to the right to enhance the bass. Rotate to the left to attenuate the bass.When the potentiometer is in the middle position, the bass is not enhanced or attenuated.
        The left TREBLE potentiometer is used to control the treble. Rotate to the right to enhance the treble. Rotate to the left to attenuate the treble.When the potentiometer is in the middle position, the treble is not enhanced or attenuated.
        Pay attention to the adjustment of high and low bass: when the treble or bass is adjusted to the right to close to the maximum, if the sound is distorted, it means that the gain of the treble or bass adjustment is too large.The user needs to turn the treble or bass potentiometer to the left to lower the gain or turn the VOLUME potentiometer to the left to reduce the total volume.
    1>.1pcs ZK-502T Treble/Bass Adjustable Bluetooth Amplifier Module
    2>.1pcs 20*14*6mm heat sink with adhesive
    3>.1pcs DC-005 20cm power cable
    4>.1pcs 6mm knob cap
    5>.1pcs M6 nut
    6>.1pcs M6 screw mat
    7>.2pcs Acrylic shell
    8>.4pcs M2*12mm Copper column
    9>.8pcs M2*8mm screw
    10>.1pcs screwdriver
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