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DC 7V-30V Trigger Cycle Timing Delay Switch MOS Control For Industrial Control

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  It is a Trigger Cycle Timing Delay Switch.Its delay time range can be adjusted,and the time range and size can be switched at will.It has 4 functions,which can be selected according to needs.
  1).It can realize high-frequency,fast and frequent on-off of the circuit.
  2).It does not generate noise during switching on and off.
  3).It has no sparks and no electromagnetic interference.
  4).Its service life is longer than that of common electromagnetic relays.
  5).The input and output are isolated by optocoupler,which enhances the anti-interference ability and power consumption and ensures the stability.
  6).It can remember the setting parameters forever after the power is turned off,and the signal terminal can keep the voltage signal for a long time.
  7).Its delay time is adjustable every 1 second from 0-999 seconds,0.1 seconds from 0-99.9 seconds,and 1 minute from 0-999 minutes.You can switch the time range and size at will,and save the last Delay time set once,no need to set repeatedly.
  1).Product Name:Trigger Cycle Timing Delay Switch
  2).Working Voltage:DC 7V-30V
  3).Working Current:50mA
  4).Quiescent Current:20mA
  5).Signal Voltage:DC 4V-27V (commonly used power supply positive trigger,or button,PNP sensor,PLC signal,etc.)
  6).Output Voltage: DC 7-30V
  7).Output Current:5A (Max)
  8).Service Life:unlimited switch
  9).Delay Time:0-999 seconds (adjustment accuracy:1 second),0-99.9 seconds (adjustment accuracy:0.1 second),0-999 minutes (adjustment accuracy:1 minute)
  10).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  11).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
4.Product Features:
  1).P-1:The signal is triggered,and the output starts to work.When the time is up,the output is disconnected.During the delay period,the following 3 options are available:
    1.1).Retriggering is invalid
    1.2).Trigger re-time again
    1.3).Trigger the reset again to terminate the timing
  2).P-2:Signal trigger,start timing time T1,when the time is up,output working time T2 is disconnected (reset),there are the following 3 options:
    1.1).Retriggering is invalid
    1.2).Trigger re-time again
    1.3).Start the delay without triggering the power-on
  3).P-3:P-3:Cycle use:turn on the timing time T1,turn off the output working time T2,the two states are infinitely cycled.For T1 and T2,the time is adjustable.
    1.1).If one of the parameters of T1 and T2 is 0,it can realize power-on delay on or power-on delay on power-off without cycle.
  4).P-4:There is a signal,the output works,keep working,the signal disappears,start timing,when the time is up,the output is disconnected,during the delay period,give the signal again,the delay is canceled,the relay is maintained,the signal disappears,and the timing is restarted.
  5).Mode selection:After power on,long press the K1 key for 2 seconds,then short press K1 to enter the selection mode P1~4 selection,and K2 enter the mode.
5.Instructions for Setting Time:
  1).After the working mode is selected,short press the K1 button to enter the fine adjustment setting of the function,that is,the switching of A,B,and C.
  2).K2:shift key.Press to adjust the blinking position of the nixie tube,which nixie tube flickers,K3 will adjust the value of the flickering nixie tube.Until K2 is pressed,the nixie tube no longer flashes.
  3).K3:When the digital tube is flashing,K3 adjusts the digital change,0 to 9 change in sequence.
  4).When the nixie tube display is normal,K3 adjusts the decimal point position,the decimal point in the one place means 0 to 999 minutes;in the ten place it means 0 to 99.9 seconds;no decimal point means 0 to 999 seconds.
  5).Note:Functions P-2 and P-3 have 2 sets of time to be adjusted.Press K2 six times as a cycle,the first three times to adjust one time,and the last three times to adjust another time.(Blue light on means setting the time for the relay to pull in,and blue light off means setting the time for the relay to open.)
  1pcs Trigger Cycle Timing Delay Switch
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