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Ultrasonic Suspension DIY Kit DC 12V Mini Acoustic Levitator Electronic Soldering Learning DIY Kits

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  It is a DC 12V Ultrasonic Suspension Electronic Soldering DIY Kit. The suspending device operates at a frequency of 40KHZ in the air and can capture light objects with a density of 2-3MM, such as foam balls. It is a very interesting DIY electronic product which enables users to understand the circuit more clearly and learn soldering skills.

  Experience Ultrasonic Suspension fascinating principle: Using two ultrasonic transmitters that emit a 40KHz frequency to each other, the kit can suspend lightweight objects with a diameter of 2-3mm, such as foam balls.

  Using method is easy: Simply clamp the small foam ball with tweezers and place it gently between the two ultrasonic probes to see it float in mid-air.

  Learning Working Principle: It refers to the Resonant Tank distance between the ultrasonic transmitter and the transmitter. During operation, the emitted and reflected waves continuously overlap to form a standing wave. The acoustic force received by the object at the standing wave node overcomes the effect of gravity and ultimately achieves the effect of suspension.

  Electronic Circuit is is perfect for beginners to learn: It consists of a simple circuit, which is very suitable for electronic beginners to learn and become familiar with components. It's great for educational purposes, and demonstrates circuit working principles through experimental effects.

  Improve Electronic Soldering Skills: This DIY kit requires hand soldering of various components, providing an opportunity to improve soldering skills while also increasing interest in electronic technology. It's an ideal choice for electronics hobbyists, beginners, and school and home education.

1>.Item name: DC 12V Ultrasonic Suspension Electronic Soldering DIY Kit
2>.Work voltage:DC 12V
3>.Work current:0.5A-1A
4>.Diameter of suspended solids: 2~3mm
5>.Work Temperature:-20℃~85℃
6>.Work Humidity:0%~95%RH

1>.Must use light and small suspended solids, otherwise they cannot be suspended.
2>.The ultrasonic emitter is very sensitive to vibration, so avoid falling/collision, etc. After the probe is soldering, the excess metal pins can not be cut off.



6. Installation Manual:

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Ultrasonic Suspension DIY Kit DC 12V Mini Acoustic Levitator Electronic Soldering Learning DIY Kits