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FM MW SW Wireless Radio Receiver Module DC 3.7V Alarm Clock

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FM MW SW Wireless Radio Receiver Module
Tips: This module has been update to a new verision since Nov 8th,  we have already update the pictures and descriptions. If you got the wrong product and have problems of using it, feel free to contact us.  Thank you for your support!
It is a FM MW SW Wireless Radio Receiver Module with built-in Mono dual channel 4ohm 5W Amplifier so that it can connect speaker directly. It supports FM 87-108MHz, MW 522-1620KHz, SW 4.75-21.85MHz optional working frequency. So user just needs connect work voltage and speaker or headset.
  • Mono channel stereo
  • FM/MW/SW Frequency range
  • 5W Amplifier
  • LCD professional display screen
  • Radio storage
  • Product name:FM MW SW Wireless Radio Receiver Module
  • Model:KCX_RADIO
  • Work Voltage:DC 3.7V
  • Work Current:<500mA
  • Display Backlight:Amber
  • FM Frequency Range:87MHz-108MHz
  • MW Frequency Range:522KHz-1620KHz
  • SW Frequency Range:4.75MHz-21.85MHz
  • FM Noise limiting sensitivity:30dB =< 8dBu
  • MW Noise limiting sensitivity:26dB =< 60dBu
  • SW Noise limiting sensitivity:26dB =< 32dB
  • FM Stereo resolution:98MHz >= 20dB
  • FM SNR:98MHz >= 50dB
  • MW SNR:1000KHz >= 40dB
  • Output power(Speaker):4ohm 5W
  • Output power(Headset):100mW*2
  • Maximum output distortion:<10%
  • Work Temperature:-20℃~85℃
  • Work Humidity:0%~95%RH
  • Module Size:58*50*10mm
4.FM/MW/SW Features:
FM: Frequency Modulation Broadcast. 
Radio wave signal: the amplitude remains unchanged and its frequency is adjusted.
Advantage:Listening to FM radio is characterized by low interference, clean sound, stereo (dual channel) programs can be received, and a wide audio range; 
Disadvantages: because the FM frequency band mainly propagates through a straight line and reflected by ground objects, the signal transmitted through the radio station has short propagation distance and small coverage, and generally can only listen to the FM programs of the local station.
MW:Medium Wave.
Medium waves can be transmitted through sky waves and ground waves. But sky waves are very unstable. In the process of sky wave propagation, path attenuation, time delay, atmospheric noise, multipath effect, ionospheric fading and other factors will cause signal weakening and distortion and affect the effect of communication.
Advantage:MW can receive far away wireless broadcasting, mono.
Disadvantages:Noise, strong directionality, weak anti-interference ability and average sound quality. Due to the influence of the ionosphere, there is basically no signal during the day.
The propagation of short wave mainly depends on sky wave. It can be transmitted to a long distance with the help of sky wave with very small power.
Advantage:With long distance and wide coverage, you can hear international radio programs.
Disadvantages:The signal drift is unstable, with high noise, mono and poor sound quality.
5.Function and Operate:
▲1.Power Switch(POWER)
Press ‘POWER’ button and then keep display ‘ON’ on screen within 2 second. Then display receiver frequency and frequency unit.
Adjust other receiver frequency by other buttons.
Press ‘POWER’ button again and then keep display ‘OFF’ on screen within 2 second. Then turn OFF and enter into clock state standby(just display clock)
▲2.Adjust Volume(VOL+/VOL-)
Each time you press ‘Vol+’ button when playing, the sound increases by one level. Continuous increase by keep press.
Each time you press ‘Vol-’ button when playing, the sound decreases by one level. Continuous decrease by keep press.
The adjustable range of volume level is 00-31.
▲3.Adjust Frequency(FRE-/FRE+)
Press ‘FRE+’ button to increase receiver frequency to search station when listing station.
Press FRE-’ button to decrease receiver frequency to search station when listing station.
Continuous adjust receiver frequency to search station by keep press more than 1 second.
It will stop to search station and to playing if receive a station.
If need to change the radio program again, user can repeat the above operation.
▲4.Sleep Switch: Automatic Shutdown(LOCK_SLEEP)
  • LCD screen displays the sleep shutdown time and the Sleep Icon flashes when press ‘LOCK_SLEEP’ button at first time.
  • It means the radio automatic shutdown after 90 minute if display ‘90’.
  • Sleep Icon indicates that the radio is in sleep timing.
  • Automatic shutdown time also flash and it can also be reset time by press ‘LOCK_SLEEP’ button. The optional option is ‘90-60-45-30-15-10-OFF’.
  • It means to cancel the sleep timing function(automatic shutdown) if select ‘OFF’.
  • It can turn off the sleep timing function in advance and automatically return to the clock state for standby when press ‘POWER’ button during sleep timing.
  • Users can query the remaining time of sleep timing playback when press press ‘LOCK_SLEEP’ button during receiving station. Press again to change parameter for sleep timing.
  • It is a lock parameters function by keep press ‘LOCK_SLEEP’ button more than 2 second after display Lock Symbol.
  • The lock symbol will flashing and all parameters and buttons function locked in locked state.All buttons are not available.
  • Keep press ‘LOCK_SLEEP’ button more than 2 second after the Lock Symbol disappears if need to unlock.All buttons are available.
▲5.Set Time(TIME)
  • 5.1>.AM ‘12:00’ is displayed by default after power ON.
  • 5.2>.The clock setting must be performed in the clock display interface.
  • 5.3>.Keep press ‘Time’ button more than 2 second to enter into set 12H or 24H hour system. Then press ‘FRE+’ and ‘FRE-’ buttons switch 12 or 24.
  • 5.4>.The system will automatically exit the current setting when the system does not any operate within 5 seconds.
  • 5.5>.Set Hour: Press ‘Time’ button again and then press ‘FRE+’ and ‘FRE-’ buttons to set value for current hour.
  • 5.6>.Set Minute: Press ‘Time’ button again and then press ‘FRE+’ and ‘FRE-’ buttons to set value for current minute.
  • 5.7>.Save and Exit: Press ‘Time’ button again to save parameters and exit set status.
  • 5.8>.It will display AM or PM for 12-hour system. It is a 24-hour system if there is no AM or PM symbol.
▲6.Set Timing Startup Time(ALARM)
6.1>.The Timing Startup Time setting must be performed in the clock display interface.
6.2>.Set Timing Startup Time Hour: Keep press ‘ALARM’ button more than 2 second to set hour. Then press ‘FRE+’ and ‘FRE-’ buttons set value for current hour.
6.3>.Set Timing Startup Time Minute: Press ‘ALARM’ button again to set minute. Then press ‘FRE+’ and ‘FRE-’ buttons set value for current minute.
6.4>.Save and Exit: Press ‘ALARM’ button again to save parameters and exit set status.
6.5>.The system will automatically exit the current setting when the system does not any operate within 5 seconds.
▲7.ON/OFF Timing Startup Time(AL_ON/OFF)
  • The ON/OFF Timing Startup Time must be performed in the clock display interface.
  • Keep press ‘AL_ON/OFF’ button more than 2 second to switch ON or OFF.
  • Alarm Symbol display on screen if turn ON Alarm Timing Startup Time.
  • Alarm Symbol disappears from screen if turn OFF Alarm Timing Startup Time.
▲8.Select Band(AM/FM)
Press ‘AM/FM’ button to switch FM, AM, SW in turns.
▲9.Scan Storage Stations
9.1>.Keep press ‘Time’ button more than 2 second to enter into Scan Storage Stations at receiving status.
9.2>.The frequency of the current radio station will increase rapidly. In the process of increasing, if the frequency of the radio station with a program is encountered, it will be automatically stored in the memory chip.
9.3>.If 1 is displayed on the screen, it means that the first radio frequency is stored, and if 2 is displayed means that the second radio frequency is stored.
9.4>.When the number of stored stations is equal to or the station frequency increases to the highest (high-end), the scanning and storage state ends immediately, and the radio returns to the stored program station or to the lowest (low-end) frequency state.
▲10.Playing Storage Stations
  • This operate just can be available during receiving status.
  • This operate just can be available after store stations.
  • Keep press ‘ALARM’ button to select the stored stations decrementally
  • Keep press ‘AL_ON/OFF’ button to select the stored stations incrementally.
  • Store Current Station: Keep press ‘ALARM’ or ‘AL_ON/OFF’ button until ‘PRE’ is displayed. Quickly press the ‘ALARM’ or ‘AL_ON/OFF’ button to Store Current Station during the symbol ‘PRE’ flashing.
1.The radio receiver should be as far away as possible from the WIFI signal (router) avoid signal interference.
2.Recommended stable power supply voltage DC 3.7V lithium battery. Other types of power supply may have interference.
3.Please don’t use too long wires to avoid signal interference.
4.User needs connect magnetic rod antenna to ‘L+’ and ‘L-’ pads on PCB when select MW signal.
1pcs FM MW SW Wireless Radio Receiver Module
1pcs Magnetic Rod Antenna
1pcs 10cm 2Pin/1.25mm Wire 


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FM MW SW Wireless Radio Receiver Module DC 3.7V Alarm Clock