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AC 110V 120V Programmable Digital Cycle Delay Relay Timer Switch Module, AC 85V-265V LED Display 0ms-999h

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ICStation Digital Timer Relay AC 85-265V 110V 220V 2000W 10A HD LED Dual Time Display Relay Switch Panel


  • MULTIFUNCTION: support 18 working modes including time delay relay open, time delay relay close, time delay relay open and then relay close, cycle time delay relay open and close working meeting your most demands.
  • WIDE WORKING VOLTAGE: built-in AC-DC voltage converter module support AC85-265V wide voltage input can be connected to your home appliances directly easy to use.
  • DUAL LED DISPLAY and SLEEP MODE: dual LED display the timing parameter T1 and T2 with sleep mode will automatically turn it off after 10s (need to set), 4 momentary keys to set the parameter, easy to operation.
  • Wide timing range: ICStation time relay delay is able to tolerate the widest timing adjusting range: 0-999S/ 0-999M/ 0-999H,it is available for various application. (Please Note: If the T1 time is second, the T2 time must be second. They can not achive T1 time is second and T2 time is minute/hour.)
  • Cycle Timer relay supports sleep working mode, which will turn off automatically after 10s (need to set ). It is also very easy to set parameter via 4 momentary keys.



  • Cycle Timer relay Support Voltage Input: AC85-265V
  • Maximum Power: <2000W
  • Maximum Current: 10A
  • Module Size: 71x39x25mm /2.80"x1.54"x0.98" (L*W*H).



The Digital timer delay can be used for timing, delay, cycle timing, intermittent timing occasions and so on, such as the descending machine DIY, timing switch, timing alarm control board.



Working mode

  • Time set mode:
  • Short Press the SET button and use the up and down buttons to set the time in the Top display(T1 or PV) short press the set button to set the time displayed in the bottom display (T2 or SV) short press the set button again to save and run.

Timer delay, load use different power supply

  • Time unit setting Mode.
  • You can set the timer to work in seconds, minutes or hours:
  • Long press the SET button for 6 seconds or until P0 is displayed in the top display.
  • Press the up down buttons to set the time unit mode in bottom display (T2 or SV)
  • Top display=P0 bottom display=0 - seconds
  • Top display=P0 bottom display=1 - minutes
  • Top display=P0 bottom display=2 - hours

Timer delay, load use the same power supply

  • P1-0 Load is off until (T1 or PV) time counts down to 0 then the load will come on and stay on.
  • P1-1 The load comes on as the power button is pressed. After PV Time the load will go off.
  • P1-2 The load is off for (T1 or PV)(delay time) then the load switches on and runs for the time set in (T2 or SV) then switches off until power switch is pressed to cycle again.
  • P1-3 Load is on until PV Time runs out Then after SV time runs out the load will come on and stay on.
  • P1-4 Load is off until (T1 or PV)(Delay) time counts down to 0, then load comes on until SV time counts down to 0 then the load is off off then it cycles again and again-auto cycle.
  • P1-5 The load is on until (T1 or PV) time counts down to 0 then powers down and after (T2 or SV)Time counts down to 0 the load will start working and cycle again and again-auto cycle.


How can i set the timer delay?

For example, someone wants that the timer turns on for 10 seconds, then turn off for 20 seconds, and cycle.

The setting method is as follows:

1. You can long-press the SET Button enter the parameter setting menu. Choose P0-1 Set T1 10S, then short press the SET button save data. The next step set T2 time 20S.

2. P1-4. After T1 time, the load starts working (T1 timing), and after T2 time, the load stop working (T2 timing), and the above working mode cycle and repeat.


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