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AC 110V Motor Forward Reverse Controller 16A Motor Drive Module AC 100V 220V Limit Switch

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  It is a motor forward and reverse controller.It can control the forward and reverse rotation of the single-phase AC motor,and the signal input can be connected to the sensor/MCU/PLC/switch.

  1).The controller is equipped with a varistor and has surge and lightning protection.
  2).The input and output of the motor controller are equipped with X2 safety capacitors,which can eliminate spark interference and grid interference.
  3).The input voltage range of the forward and reverse controller is large.
  4).The motor drive module supports single-phase bidirectional motor,which can perform forward and reverse rotation.

  1).Product Name:Motor Forward and Reverse Controller
  2).Input Voltage:DC 85V-250V
  3).Signal Mode:low level is active,the width should reach 10ms.The signal terminals are isolated from the 220V output.
  4).Adapt to the Motor:bidirectional motor (3-wire or 4-wire)
  5).Output Power:300W (the maximum current can reach 16A,if it exceeds 300W,please install a heat sink by yourself,so that the temperature of the thyristor is controlled below 105℃)
  6).Output Mode:triac
  7).Control Mode:switch signal trigger,or low-level signal (can be connected to single-chip IO,PLC,sensor,etc.)
  8).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  9).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH

4.Working Description:
  1).Self-locking:The signal only needs to be triggered once,and the module self-locking keeps running.
  2).When encountering a reverse signal during forward rotation,immediately stop for 0.3 seconds and then enter reverse rotation.
  3).The limit signal has priority,and it will stop immediately when the forward limit signal is encountered during forward rotation.
  4).When there is a forward rotation limit signal,the forward rotation cannot be started.
  5).When it encounters a forward rotation signal during reverse rotation,it will immediately stop for 0.3 seconds and then enter forward rotation.
  6).The limit signal is given priority,and it will stop immediately when it encounters the reverse limit signal during reversal.
  7).When there is a reverse rotation limit signal,the reverse rotation cannot be started.
  8).The forward rotation signal and the reverse rotation signal are valid when the low level,that is,a short-term 0V level,will start.
  9).The limit signal is normally open.For example,when the SW1 switch is closed or connected to a low level,forward rotation cannot be started.

5.Pin Introduction:
  1).K1:start forward rotation
  2).K2:start reversal
  3).SW1:stop forward rotation
  4).SW2:stop reversing

  1).The GND,12V+,K1,K2,SW1,SW2 signal sides of this module are low voltage,which can be connected to ordinary sensors,microcontrollers,etc.
  2).During installation and use,do not touch the high-voltage components on the board.

   1pcs Motor Forward and Reverse Controller


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AC 110V Motor Forward Reverse Controller 16A Motor Drive Module AC 100V 220V Limit Switch