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DC Motor Driver Module 5V-12V PWM L293D H-Bridge for 2WD Robot Smart Car

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    It is a DC Motor Driver Module 5V-12V PWM L293D H-Bridge for 2WD Robot Smart Car.

  1>.Support to drive 2 brushed DC motors or a 28BYJ-48 stepping motor
  2>.Reserved 2 EN enabled ports, which can be used for PWM speed regulation
  3>.On-board power switch, reserved 5 5V interface output
  4>.An on-board 7805 voltage regulator chip circuit supports 6-12V input and 5V output
  1>.Model: 2WD-L293D
  2>.Driver chip:
  3>.Drive part of the terminal power supply range Vs: 7V~9V; If in-board power is required, the power supply range is Vs: 5V
  4>.The peak current of the driving part is Io: 1A
  5>.Working current range of logic part :0~36mA
  6>.Control signal input voltage range (IN1 IN2 IN3 IN4) :
       Low level: -0.3V≤Vin≤1.5V
       High level: 2.3V≤Vin≤Vss
  7>.Enable signal input voltage range (EN1 EN2) :
       Low level: -0.3≤Vin≤1.5V (invalid control signal)
       High level: 2.3V≤Vin≤Vss (valid control signal)
  8>.Maximum power consumption: 20W (temperature T=75℃)
  9>.Work Temperature: -25℃~85℃
  10>.Work Humidity: 5%~95%RH
  11>.Size: 47x35mm
4.Stepper motor wiring instructions:
  1>.When the stepper motor drive: ENA and ENB on the drive board are high, the level here refers to the TTL level. ENA is the enabling end of A1 and A2, and ENB is the enabling end of B1 and IB2;

  2>.The stepper motor control logic is shown below, where A, B, C and D are the four coils of the stepper motor, where 1 represents the high level and 0 represents the low level. The coil connection diagram is shown in the following figure (taking the four-phase stepper motor as an example). VCC connecting motor positive terminal, A-OUT1, B-OUT2, C-OUT3, D-OUT4.

   1pcs DC Motor Driver Module


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DC Motor Driver Module 5V-12V PWM L293D H-Bridge for 2WD Robot Smart Car