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DC 3.3V 4-Channel PLC Amplifier Optical Isolator NPN Output Signal Converter Board

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1>. Adopt new original imported FET.
2>. The input signal is compatible with NPN and PNP, and is compatible with PLC equipment such as Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Siemens, and domestic PLC.
3>. The signal input voltage is 3.3V.
4>. Protection measures: Each channel of the input adopts photoelectric isolation module to effectively protect the safety of the control terminal; at the same time, it is equipped with eight bipolar status indicators. The output has diode anti-surge protection, and the power supply has diode anti-reverse protection.
5>. Wiring: VCC and GND are the power supply ports of this module, and are wired according to the prompt voltage. COM is connected to the signal control terminal common pole, 1-4 is connected to each channel control signal; the output of the controlled device is open drain output, labeled O1-O4.
6>. Installation: DIN35mm rail installation, convenient and fast!
2.Pin terminal definition
  1>.COM--signal input common port
  2>.1--first signal input
  3>.2--second singnal input
  4>.3--third singnal input
  5>.4--fourth signal input
  6>.+24V--DC+ input
  7>.GND--DC- input
  8>.O1-first signal output
  9>.O2-second signal output
  10>.O3-third signal output
  11>.O4-fourth signal output
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DC 3.3V 4-Channel PLC Amplifier Optical Isolator NPN Output Signal Converter Board