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Colorful RGB Flashing DIY LED Cube Ball Light Spherical Spectrum Light Lamp with Remote Control

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New design concept, cool effect, different light cube with a wonderful experience!

A learning kit, it might be hard to assembly but also a challenge.
Also a nice choice to have a race with some friends and see who gets one completed first!
You will gain more when you finish it and make it works! Please be patient and read the installation manual before starting:)

Tested by ICStation:


NO. Parameter Value
1 Name DIY LED Cubic Ball Kit
2 Size About 90x90x130mm
3 Color RGB
4 Weight About 130g
5 Nature DIY Kit
6 Power Supply Mini USB DC4.5-5.5V 100mA
7 Power Type Charger/Power Adapter/USB
8 Sound source External Audio Input
9 Control model Infrared Remote Control or Button Control
10 Basic function >30 animation modes; >6 spectrum animation modes

1>. 8*16 LED display
2>. Various modes can be switched as your wish:
     1). Offline animation models (up to a dozen): Free display or Key control(just parts models can be control by button or remote control).
     2). Music spectrum mode:The spectral mode needs to be connected with an input audio signal, so that the optical cube can beat the music spectrum rhythm.
3>. Switch mode by remote control or button at any time mode.

1>. COOL FUN: The shape of innovation;
2>. MAGIC: At least 20 colorful animation, 4 spectrum animation;
3>. ABILITY: A full set of spare parts to develop practical ability;
4>. RECREATION: The elaborate and exquisite appearance can be considered as a gift.
5>. CRAFT COLLECTION: All handmade works of art that can be collected.

Component listing:

NO. Component Name PCB Marker Parameter QTY
1 Metal Film Resistor R1 100K 1
2 MINI USB Female Socket J1 5P 1
3 IC Socket U1 DIP-40 1
4 STM15F2K60S2 U1 DIP-40 1
5 Audio Socket P1 3.5mm SMD 1
6 Monolithic Capacitor C2 1uf 105 1
7 Power Switch S1 Red Self-locking 1
8 Mode Button S2 Black 1
9 Electrolytic Capacitor C1 220uf 16V 1
10 Infrared Receiver IR1 VS1838V 1
11 RGB LED D1-D4 3mm 132
12 Copper Pillar   M3*12mm 4
13 Screw   M3*5mm 4
14 USB Audio Cable   About 45mm 1
15 White Cable   About 1M 1
16 Remote Control   85*40*6mm 1
17 Acrylic Welding Template   82*82mm 1
18 PCB   70*70mm 1


Download the Installation Manual Here:

Basic Instruction:

1>. Mode Button:Change the LED display animation;
2>. Power Switch: Control power;
3>. MINI USB:Power and Audio input;
4>. Audio Socket:Audio output;
5>. Work Indicator:Flash automatically;
6>. Infrared Receiver:Receive remote control signal and Change the LED display animation.

Remote Control Button Description:

1>. Learn Electronics.
2>. Learn MCU.
3>. Practice soldering.
4>. Graduation design.
5>. Curriculum design.
6>. Electronic competition.
7>. Gift giving.
8>. Arts and crafts collection.
9>. Souvenir collection.
10>. Desk decoration.

Finished Product Picture:

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Colorful RGB Flashing DIY LED Cube Ball Light Spherical Spectrum Light Lamp with Remote Control