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Non-Contact Water Level Detector liquid Level Sensor DC 5V Human Touch Sensor for Detect Water Level

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 It is a water level detection sensor.It is suitable for flat and pipeline containers,and the probe is suitable for non-metallic container walls with a thickness of less than 15mm.

 1).It can automatically adjust the sensitivity.
 2).It has a waterproof probe and can be used indoors and outdoors.
 3).It has short-circuit protection,over-current protection,reverse connection protection,and can be used with confidence.
 4).It has an exquisite appearance and is easy to install.

 1).Product Name:Water Level Detection Sensor
 2).Working Voltage:DC 5V-12V
 3).Air Medium Sensing Distance:5mm
 4).Acrylic Mmedium Sensing Distance:20mm
 5).Output Characteristics:water state(output high level),no water state(output low level)
 6).Response Time:300mS
 7).Storage Temperature:-40℃~85℃
 8).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
 9).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH

4.Installation Method:
 1).The flat container can be glued with strong waterproof and high temperature resistant glue.
 2).Large curved containers can be stuck with cable ties or fixed fixture auxiliary glue.
 3).PVC pipes can be directly locked and fixed with cable ties.

 1).Plant protection drone water tank water level detection.
 2).Water tower liquid level detection.
 3).Coffee machine.

6.Probe Sensitivity Adjustment Method:
 1).The probe is fixed on the container wall to ensure that the liquid is in the probe position.
 2).Then press the probe button,after the probe indicator light flashes,the sensitivity can be automatically confirmed,automatically memorized,and saved after power off.

7.Method of Connecting MCU:
 1).The red wire of the sensor is connected to 5V,the black wire is connected to GND,and the white wire is connected to the MCU IO port.
 2).High and low level signals,when sensing liquid output high level,no liquid output low level.
 3).It is not possible to directly drive relays or LED lights,nor can it be recognized by PLC.

 1pcs Water Level Detection Sensor

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Non-Contact Water Level Detector liquid Level Sensor DC 5V Human Touch Sensor for Detect Water Level