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IP67 Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor High/Low Signal Output Waterproof Water Level Detector

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    Intelligent non-contact liquid level sensor is for detecting whether there is liquid by water induction capacitor. When there is no liquid to approach the sensor, sensor will generate certain static capacitance because of the capacitor distribution; when the liquid rises slowly to approach the sensor, the liquid parasitic capacitor will coupling to this static capacitor so that the terminal capacitance of sensor will increase.
   The changing capacitance signal will be input to control IC and achieve signal switch, then transform the changing capacitance value into variation of certain electric signal. Using certain algorithm to detect and judge the degree of the variation; when the variation has surpassed certain threshold value, then it means the liquid level reaches sensing point
    1>.Non-contact detection
    2>.Easy installation
    3>.Stable detection
    4>.High sensitivity
    5>.Strong anti-interference ability
    6>.Support detect various liquids
    1>.Product Name:XKC-Y23 Intelligent Non-contact Liquid Level Sensor
    2>.Product Number:XKC-Y23
    3>.Work Voltage:DC 5V
    4>.Power Consumption:5mA 
    5>.Output Voltage (High Level): Vin
    6>.Output Voltage (Low Level): 0V 
    7>.Output Current: 1-100mA 
    8>.Response Time: 500ms 
    9>.Sensor Thickness (sensitivity) Range: 0-10mm
    10>.Material: ABS 
    11>.Error value:+/-1.5mm
    12>.Waterproof Performance: IP67 
    13>.Working Temperature range:-20℃~85℃
    14>.Working Humidity Range:5%-100%RH
    15>.Sensor Size:34*24*6mm
    1>.It is suitable for non-metallic containers.There is no need to reprocess the container. Directly attached to the surface of the container.
    2>.It no need to contact with liquid directly.
    3>.It cannot be damaged by corrosive liquid such as strong acid and alkali.
    4>.It is not affected by impurities such as scale.
    5>.It can check boiling water.
    6>.It is purely electronic circuit but not mechanical.
    7>.It can penetrate a variety of non-metallic containers such plastic, glass, ceramics, acrylic, rubber and so on.
    8>.It support for the detection of liquids, powders, granular substances.
5.Pin definition:
    1>.Brown:It is VCC.Connect to positive of DC 5V.
    2>.Black:It is signal output terminal.
    3>.Blue:It is GND.Connect to negative DC 5V.
6.Using Steps:
    1>.Connect work power supply DC 5V.
    2>.Attach the sensor probe to the surface of the container.
    3>.Change the liquid in the container or move the sensor, wait for the indicator to light.
    4>.It is right if get output signal.
    5>.Remove power supply and connect controlled device at output.
    6>.Re-connect work power supply.
    1>.It can't be in direct contact with liquid, it can't be placed inside liquid.
    2>.It can't test metal containers.
    3>.Avoid installation at the water inlet and outlet.
    4>.Please read use manual and description before use.
    1>.Water tower
    2>.Sewage treatment
    3>.Drone irrigation
    4>.Medical equipment
    6>.Smart Appliances
9.Frequently asked questions:
   Why is there output signal no matter how to adjust sensitivity after power ON?
        1.1>.The power supply is not connected correctly.Please check the power supply wire or replace new wire.
        1.2>.Make sure connect DC 5V.
        1.3>.Make sure positive and negative pole of power supply is right.
        1.4>.Maker sure your power supply is work.
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IP67 Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor High/Low Signal Output Waterproof Water Level Detector