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DC8V-60V Battery Voltage Monitor, Lithium Battery Undervoltage Protector Discharge Controller Protection Board

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 It is a battery discharge monitor. It can be used for discharge safety protection of various accumulators and lithium batteries. It can effectively protect the battery from over-discharge, thus affecting the service life of the battery, and it is the safety guard of the battery.

 1>.It is suitable for accumulators and lithium batteries.
 2>.It has a setting button, which is easy to operate.
 3>.It has a buzzer.
 4>.It has a digital display that can show the battery voltage.
 5>.It can set the automatic screen time to save energy.

 1>.Product Name:Battery Discharge Monitor.
 2>.Supply Voltage:DC 7~80V.
 3>.Control Voltage:equal to input voltage.
 4>.Control Accuracy:0.1V.
 5>.Product Power Consumption:1.5W (Max).
 6>.Scope of Use:battery,lithium battery.
 7>.Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃.
 8>.Work Humidity:5%~95%RH.

1>.The power-on screen displays the battery voltage:  Press the SET key to display P0.

2>.In P0 state: Press the up/down key to enter the setting menu (P0~P5).

3>.In  (P0~P5) state:
  3.1>.On this screen, tap SET key to display the values of parameter.
  3.2>.You can press the up/down key to adjust the values.
  3.3>.After adjustment, wait 5 seconds and the system will automatically save the values.
  3.4>.Finally, the system will return to the voltage display interface.

4>.Energy-saving mode: Press any key to log out.

5>. Restore the factory settings:
  5.1>.You can press and hold the up and down keys at the same time for 3 seconds.
  5.2>.And then it will display 888, that is, the restoration is completed.

  1.1>.Set voltage protection value.
  1.2>.The default is 11V, the range is 8~80V.

  2.1>.How many volts the voltage rises after power failure will start again.
  2.2>.The default is 1V, the range is 0.1~10V.

  3.1>.Low voltage alarm value.
  3.2>.The default is 10V, the range is 7~70V.(When alarm,any key is closed).

  4.1>.Interval time between restart after power failure.
  4.2>.The default is 2 minutes, the range is 0~10 minutes.

  5.1>.Set the power-on forced start time.
  5.2>.The default is 3 seconds, the range is 0~5 seconds.(Note:The reason for setting the forced start time is that when the load starts, the current is too large, and it will instantly lower the voltage value. If the voltage protection value you set is higher than the load start-up low voltage value, the load will not start.)

  6.1>.Automatic screen-off energy saving time.
  6.2>.The default is AA (meaning always on), the range is 15~30 seconds.

 6.Application Example:
 1>.The 48V battery supplies power to the load.
The battery is fully charged at about 57V. When the battery voltage drops to 46V, it will alarm. When it drops to 45V, it will stop supplying power to the load. After running in energy-saving mode for 15 seconds, the digital tube is off.

 2>.The parameter settings are as follows:
   P0=45V, P1=1V, P2=46V, P3=2 minutes, P4=3 seconds, P5=15 seconds

 3>.Product running process:
  3.1>.After the power-on delay of 5 seconds, force the load to supply power for 3 seconds (P4, to ensure that the load starts to need a large current to run, and normal work can also run with a small current), after the battery continues to discharge for 15 seconds (P5) The digital light screen logs out energy saving mode.

  3.2>.With the passage of time, the battery voltage begins to drop, when the battery voltage </=46V (P2), exit the energy-saving mode, the nixie tube flashes, and the buzzer starts to sound, press any key at this time to turn off the alarm.

  3.3>.The battery continues to discharge, when the battery </=45V (P0), continue to supply power to the load for 3 seconds (P4), then disconnect the power supply to the load.

  3.4>.When there is no load power, the battery voltage will rise. If the voltage is <46V (P0+P1) at this time, the discharge process ends. If the voltage is >/=46V (P0+P1) at this time, after a delay of 2 minutes (P3), power is supplied to the load again, and the cycle repeats until the discharge process ends.

  1 pcs DC8V~60V Battery Voltage Monitor.

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DC8V-60V Battery Voltage Monitor, Lithium Battery Undervoltage Protector Discharge Controller Protection Board