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DC 3-12V Mini Style Wireless Remote Control Switch Transmitter Receiver Kit Power On/Off Wireless Power Controller Module

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The world's smallest - Silent remote control switch
Product volume the world's smallest, 3-12V universal, direct remote control power output, easy to use, suitable for DIY
Remote control of the DC power supply on and off, the output is a direct positive and negative power supply

For example: access to 3.7V power microcontroller, the default output without electricity
Click the button to open the remote control, direct output module 3.7V power supply (positive and negative)
Click the close button remote control, the output of the module on the power .--

3-12V universal product, consumes only 7MA, ideal for DIY customers
Module maximum load current 1A, 10W or less safe load
Product frequency of 315M and 433M
Remote control product can be a plurality of modules (while controlling or controlled separately), you can also be equipped with a plurality of remote power control module



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DC 3-12V Mini Style Wireless Remote Control Switch Transmitter Receiver Kit Power On/Off Wireless Power Controller Module

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