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DC 12V 24V 48V PWM 4-Wire Fan Temperature Controller Speed Governor Display Module for PC Fan/Alarm

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  It is a PWM 4-Wire Fan temperature controller.It can be used for industrial fans.

  1>.Digital display
  2>.Support EC four-wire fan control
  3>.Support low temperature shutdown fan
  4>.Wide voltage operation
  5>.Support anti-sequence fan
  6>.Support EBM four-wire fan

  1>.Product Name:PWM 4-Wire Fan Temperature Controller
  2>.Work Voltage:DC 11V~55V
  3>.Work Current:0.1A(MAX)
  4>.Fan Current:5A(MAX)
  5>.PWM Range:5%~100% or 0%
  6>.PWM Frequency:20KHz/2.5KHz
  7>.PWM Signal Amplitude:10.5V(no load)
  8>.Temperature Measurement Range:-9.9℃~99.9℃
  9>.Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  10>.Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
  11>.Sensor Length:1 meter

  1>.This is mainly designed for industrial fans.
  2>.Its interface is different from conventional chassis fans.Direct shutdown only supports fans with a signal shutdown function (fans stop after the speed control line is grounded).
  3>.If other fans need to be shut down,they can only be forced to cut off the fan power through an external relay.

5.Interface Introduction:
  1>.Power interface:The main power input interface,which supplies power to the control board and fans.
  2>.Fan interface:Fan output interface
  3>.Temperature probe interface: connect NTC probe parameter 10K B=3950.
  4>.Alarm signal port (WORK):High level output during normal operation,low level output when the fan is abnormal.
  5>.Relay interface (RELAY):Expansion interface.Drives a 9V or 12V relay,which can be used to control the fan power line.When the fan control stops,the relay opens.

6.Button Description:
  1>.+ Button and - Button:Switch the display in the running state,increase or decrease the value during parameter setting (long press to increase or decrease quickly).
  2>.OK Button:
    2.1>.In the running state,short press to enter the inherent output setting,the range is 5%~100%,short press again to save and exit.
    2.2>.In the running state,long press to enter the temperature parameter setting.After entering,modify the parameters by pressing the + Button and - Button.Short press the OK Button to switch the setting items,and set ("*" stands for the number) the acceleration temperature "L**" in turn.Full temperature "H **",turn off temperature "C**",short press OK Button again to save and exit the setting.
    2.3>.In the power-off state,long press the OK Button to turn on the power until it enters the function setting,modify it with the + Button and - Button,short press the OK button to switch the setting items,and set the PWM output frequency 20KHz/2.5KH(the display show "F20/F2.5") in turn.PWM output direction forward/reverse(the display show "P1/P-1",short press the OK Button again to save and exit.

7.Explanation of Temperature Parameters:
  1>.Acceleration Temperature(the display show "L**","*" stands for the number):The range is 5℃~94℃.When the temperature rises and exceeds this temperature,the PWM output starts to increase as the temperature rises.
  2>.Full speed temperature(the display show "H**"):The range is 10℃~99℃.When the temperature rises or exceeds this temperature,the PWM always outputs 100% and the fan runs at full speed.
  3>.Shut-down temperature(the display show "C**"):Low-temperature shutdown temperature.The range is 0℃~92℃.When this value is set to>0,the low-temperature shutdown function is enabled.When the temperature is lower than this temperature,the output is turned off (PWM signal and extended relay output are turned off at the same time).When the temperature rises above the acceleration temperature in the off state, the fan restarts and changes speed with the temperature,if the shutdown temperature is set to 0,the low temperature shutdown function is disabled,and the PWM and extended relay output interfaces will always output.
  4>.The difference between the acceleration temperature and the full speed temperature must not be lower than 5℃,and the difference between the closing temperature and the acceleration temperature must not be lower than 2℃.If the value will break the above temperature difference when modifying the parameters,the program will automatically adjust the other two parameters.

  1>."X10 RPM": Speed ??unit light.This light is on,the display shows the fan speed,which is the value after the speed divided by 10.For example,if the display is 256,the actual fan speed is 2560RPM (revolutions per minute).
  2>."℃": Temperature unit light.The light is on and the display shows the temperature measured by the current probe.
  3>."RUN": Fan running indicator.Lights up when the fan is running,and goes out when the fan is off.Note that this is the control status, not the actual fan condition.If the fan fails,the alarm signal port outputs a low level during operation (when the RUN light is on).

  1>.1pcs PWM 4-Wire Fan Temperature Controller
  2>.1pcs NTC Temperature Sensor.


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DC 12V 24V 48V PWM 4-Wire Fan Temperature Controller Speed Governor Display Module for PC Fan/Alarm