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5V USB Multi-function Meter LCD Voltmeter Ammeter Battery Capacity Tester Power Tester Temperature Display

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    This product is a multi-function voltage-ammeter. The main function of this product is to measure the voltage,current,capacity,energy,time,power,temperature,fast charge protocol,load impedance and display them in real-time. It can be used to test the discharge time and discharge capacitance of the battery.
    1>.Multi-function test instrument
    2>.Support 5A equipment testing
    3>.Identify the fast charge protocol
    4>.The screen orientation can be changed
    5>.High precision
    6>.OLCD HD display
    7>.Multiple parameters are displayed simultaneously
    8>.Support power-down memory function
    1>.Product name: ZK-UT Multi-Function Voltmeter Ammeter 
    2>.Model: ZK-UT
    3>.Work voltage:DC 3.7V-30V
    4>.Voltage resolution:0.01V
    5>.Voltage Precision:1%
    6>.Input current:0.00A-5.00A
    7>.Current resolution:0.001A
    8>.Current Precision:2%
    9>.Capacity Measure range:0~99999mAh
    10>.Energy Measure range:0~99999mWh
    11>.Load impedance measure range:0.5~999.9ohm
    12>.Power measure range:0~150W
    13>.Temperature measure range:0~80℃
    14>.Temperature precision:+/-3℃
    15>.Time range:00:00:00~99:59:59(Max 100hours)
    16>.Fast charge protocol:QC2.0,QC3.0,DCP,AFC,FCP,SCP
    17>.Data refresh rate:2Hz
    18>.Display:0.96in IPS RGB OLED 
    19>.Work Temperature:-20℃~85℃
    20>.Work Humidity:0%~95%RH
    22>.Data Refresh Rate: 2 Hz with a real-time display
    ​23>.Input Port: Male Type A USB Port
    24>.Output Port: Female Type A USB
4.Set Mode:
    1>.Short press button to display Capacity,Energy and time.
    2>.Keep press button about 2second to clear data for Capacity,Energy and time.
    3>.Keep press button about 2second to rotate 180 degree for the LCD display direction.
5.Use steps:
    1>.Connect load and work voltage.
    2>.Test and use.
    1>.Load tester
    2>.Circuit tester
    3>.Battery discharge tester
    4>.Factory equipment inspection
    5>.Ordinary load tester
    6>.Power supply aging tester
    7>.Auxiliary measurement charger Output current capability 
    8>.Charger Factory Batch Aging test use
    Please read use manual and description before use.
    1pcs ZK-UT Multi-Function Voltmeter Ammeter
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