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D69-2058 AC Digital Display Meter Multi-function Instrument Monitor Voltage Current Power Frequency Display Meter

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  It is a multi-function display instrument.It can simultaneously measure and display 6 parameters such as AC voltage,AC current,active power,power factor,frequency and electric energy.
  1).The display part of the instrument adopts a color high-definition liquid crystal display.
  2).It has a save function/memory function:when the power is off,the meter will automatically save the current energy value,and the meter will read the value after the next power-on,and continue to accumulate.
  3).Its measurement resolution is small,the resolution of different ranges is different,and it is more precise and accurate.
  4).It has a simple structure and convenient and fast connection.
  1).Product Name:Multi-Function Display Instrument
  2).Measurement Accuracy:1%
  3).Measuring Voltage Range:AC 80.0-300.0V
  4).Measuring Current Range:AC 0-99.99A (resolution is 0.01A,when it exceeds 100A,it will display 100.0A)
  5).Working Frequency:45.0Hz-65.0Hz
  6).Power Factor:0.00-1.00PF
  7).Active Power Measurement Range:0-45000W,(the display resolution between 0-9999.9W is 0.1W,and the display resolution between 10000-45000W is 1W)
  8).Electric Energy Measurement Range:0-99999kwh
     0-999.99kwh (resolution 0.01kwh)
10000.0-9999.9kwh (resolution is 0.1kwh)
10000.0-99999kwh (resolution is 1kwh)
  9).Measurement Speed:2 times per second
  10).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  11).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
4.Use and Wiring Method:
  1).Connect the secondary end (green lead) of the current transformer that comes with the meter to the blue terminal of the meter,and pass the wire of the measurement loop through the middle round hole of the current transformer.
  2).Connect the voltage measurement lead to the green terminal of the meter.Then turn on the measurement voltage.Start reading the measurement results.
  3).The meter displays the measured value after the power is turned on.
  4).Press and hold the reset button on the front panel of the instrument for 5 seconds.
  1).The wiring of the voltage input (green) terminal and the secondary (blue) terminal of the current transformer cannot be connected wrongly,otherwise the meter will be damaged.
  2).This meter is only suitable for pure AC 50 mains power supply.It cannot be used for square wave,inverter output and modified sine wave circuit measurement,otherwise the meter will be damaged.
  1).1pcs Multi-Function Display Instrument
  2).1pcs Transformer
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D69-2058 AC Digital Display Meter Multi-function Instrument Monitor Voltage Current Power Frequency Display Meter