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DC 3.3V 5V Raindrop Humidity Detection Sensor Module with 20cm 2P Dupont Line

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  It is a rain sensor module. It can be used for monitoring various weather conditions, and converted into a digital signal and AO output.
  1.The sensor uses high-quality FR-04 double-sided material.
  2.Comparator output,clean signal,good waveform,strong driving ability,more than 15mA.
  3.It is equipped with a potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity.
  4.It is equipped with fixing bolt holes for easy installation.
  5.It uses wide voltage LM393 comparator.
  1.Product Name:Rain Sensor Module
  2.Working Voltage:DC 3.3V~5V
  3.Output Form:digital switch output (0 and 1) and analog AO voltage output;
  4.Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  5.Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
  6.Rain Sensor Module Size:65*43*6mm
  7.Control Panel Size:48*19*6mm
4>.Function Introduction:
  1.It is connected to a 5V power supply,the power indicator is on, and when there is no water drop on the sensor board, the DO output is high and the switch indicator is off. With a drop of water, the DO output is low and the switch indicator light is on.
  2.Brush off the water droplets on it, and then return to the output high level state.
  3.AO analog output can be connected to the AD port of the single-chip microcomputer to detect the amount of rain falling on it.
  4.The DO TTL digital output can also be connected to the microcontroller to detect whether there is rain.
5>.Interface Description:
  1.VCC:Connect the positive pole of the power supply (3-5V)
  2.GND:Connect to the negative pole of the power supply
  3.DO:TTL switch signal output
  4.AO:Analog signal output
   1pcs Rain Sensor Module
   1pcs Control Panel
   1pcs 20cm 2P Dupont Line



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DC 3.3V 5V Raindrop Humidity Detection Sensor Module with 20cm 2P Dupont Line