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5A Overcurrent Protection Sensor Module AC Current Detection Sensor DC 12V Relay Module

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  It is a overcurrent protection sensor module. It uses a current transformer to collect AC signals and realizes the relay signal output after an overcurrent in the range of 0-5A.The relay pulls in when there is overcurrent, and the relay is released when there is no overcurrent. The user can use the COM,NC,and NO ports of the relay to control the on and off of the external circuit, so as to realize the overcurrent protection function.
  1).It uses a plug-in LM2596 external heat sink,which can withstand high current operation.
  2).The input end uses a 4A rectifier bridge stack to input AC power,and has a dedicated DC input port,which is commonly used for AC and DC input.
  3).The output voltage can be adjusted,ranging from 3.3V to 30V.
  1).Product Name:Overcurrent Protection Sensor Module
  2).Working Voltage:DC 5V
  3).Working Current:20mA(Max)
  4).Input Voltage:AC 5V-22V/DC 5V-35V
  5).Output Voltage:DC 3.3V-30V
  6).Output Current:2.5A
  7).Output Power:35W(Max)
  8).Operating Frequency Range:20Hz-400Hz
  9).Output Mode:Switch signal output
  10).Maximum Detection Wire Diameter:5.2mm
  11).Work Temperature:-40℃~85℃
  12).Work Humidity:0%~95%RH
4.Connection Interface:
  1.VCC:working voltage positive
  2.GND:working voltage negative
  3.ON:Normally open,before the relay is closed,NO and COM are disconnected,and connected after being closed.
  4.COM:Common terminal,common interface of relay.
  5.NC:Normally closed,before the relay is closed,NC is connected to COM,and disconnected after being closed.
  1pcs Overcurrent Protection Sensor Module
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5A Overcurrent Protection Sensor Module AC Current Detection Sensor DC 12V Relay Module