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Soil Moisture Hygrometer Detection Humidity Sensor Module Corrosion Resistance Probe DC 3.3-12V for Arduino

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NO. Parameter Value
1 Name Soil humidity sensor
2 Size 36x15x6mm /1.42X0.59X0.23 inch (L*W*H)
3 Voltage DC 3.3-12V
4 Current <20mA; <30mA (output)
5 Interface + - DO AO; DO digital value; AO analog value
6 Operating Temperature -25~85 Celsius


Resistive Soil Moisture Sensor

Digital Analog Signal Output for Arduino

The probe uses analog resistance to detect the moisture content of the soil. It is a good plant helper to make you know if your plants are thirsty and it can also be used in the automatic watering system, garden, greenhouse, etc

A waterproof sensor probe with high corrosion resistance ensures a long lifetime of at least 6 months in the soil.

  • For those who are not sure how to use these, we would suggest looking into how to use these online. The voltage required, analog reading, etc.


Digital Value Output
This soil moisture detector outputs a low level from the DO port when the detecting humidity reaches the threshold value.
Good to work with Arduino/Raspberry Pi.
Analog Value Output
The AO port on the soil humidity sensor outputs an analog value(voltage), and you can acquire the real-time data via the AD port of your single-chip microcomputer(MCU).
Adjustable Threshold
Clockwise/counter-clockwise rotate the blue potentiometer to increase/reduce the detection threshold.
On-board power and signal indicator make you know the working status of the board at a glance at any time.
Corrosion-Resistant Alloy Probe

A waterproof sensor probe with high corrosion resistance ensures a long lifetime at least 6 months in the soil. 

The soil humidity probe is for detecting humidity, and the voltage comparator is for judging humidity amount; when the humidity is larger than set value , DO will output low level.

Using Introduction:
1."+" connects power positive; "-" connects power negative. Please do not connect reversely, or it will burn the chip. After connection, "P" power indicator lamp will be on and the module will operate normally

2.Clockwise/counter clockwise adjust the blue potentiometer, it can improve/reduce the detection sensitivity. Take "Thermal Sensor" as example, if defaults 25 Celsius trigger, DO output low level is valid; After clockwise adjusting, that is when the temperature is lower than 25 Celsius, it can trigger; if counter clockwise adjusting, then higher than 25 Celsius can trigger

3.If you clockwise rotate the potentiometer to an extent that the LED indicator which marked "S" is light, that means the testing threshold has been surpassed. Counterclockwise rotating to the end surpasses the threshold too. The module will not work well if the detection threshold is invalid. NOTE: The threshold adjustment only works for using the DO output.

4.AO output is analog value (voltage), and it can detect via MCU AD port

Wiring Diagram 1:

When the detected value is more than the set value, DO will output low level, the triode will be connected and the load will operate. 1K is current-limiting resistor, and 10K is pull-up resistor on DO port.

Wiring Diagram 2:

No more complex circuits, AO port can collect voltage via MCU AD port.


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