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40W DC-AC Inverter Power Supply 12V to 220V Step-up Transformer Boost Module Inverter Module

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  It is a DC-AC inverter power supply. This product is high-frequency current. The voltage cannot be measured by an ordinary universal meter. You need a professional high-frequency universal meter to test the voltage. It can be used to provide routers during power outages or outdoors, Mobile phone charging, lighting and so on.
  1).This product can be used for circuit boards on any household appliances with stronger performance, stable power, better effect and more durable quality.
  2).This product is the latest generation 2 step-up transformer. Input 12V DC,and the other end can get 220V AC. The frequency is high frequency and the output power is larger, which can drive 40W energy-saving lamps.
  3).You can make a booster circuit by yourself.
  1).Product Name:DC-AC Inverter Power Supply
  2).Input Volatge:DC 8V-18V(Accumulator)
  3).Output Voltage:AC 220V
  4).Output Power(Max)
  5).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  6).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
4.Specific Parameters:
  1).Input voltage:3V, Output power:1W-3W
  2).Input voltage:5V, Output power:1W-5W
  3).Input voltage:8V, Output power:1W-10W
  4).Input voltage:10V, Output power:1W-15W
  5).Input voltage:11V, Output power:1W-18W
  6).Input voltage:12V, Output power:1W-26W
  7).Input voltage:13V, Output power:1W-28W
  8).Input voltage:14V, Output power:1W-35W
5.Increase Power Operation Method:
  1).The maximum power of a circuit board is 40W. If you feel that the power is too low, you can connect the circuit boards in parallel, and the power of 10 circuit boards in parallel can reach 120W-200W, which can be used for other high-power household appliances.
  2).When there is a power failure; it can be used for any electrical appliances; if the power used by household appliances is large, it can be used only in parallel;after the parallel connection, it is still in the automatic current conversion state, and the electrical appliances will not be burned out due to excessive current.
  3).Phone charging
  4).Energy-saving lighting
  5).Fluorescent lighting
  6).LED lighting
  7).DVD playerVCD playerEVD player
  10).Switching power supply
  11).Mobile phone charger
  12).Electric solder
  13).Electric soldering iron
  1pcs DC-AC Inverter Power Supply
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40W DC-AC Inverter Power Supply 12V to 220V Step-up Transformer Boost Module Inverter Module