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TX/RX-2.4G 6-Channel Remote Control Wireless Transceiver DIY Kit for Robotics and Motors

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This is a DIY Kit Wireless Transceiver Module for Robot/Motor. You need solder it by yourself. It sends signals via wireless communication. It can be used at Robotics, smart home, research and education, model aircraft and so on.

1>. High sensitivity;
2>. Low power;
3>. Long distance communication;
4>. Low power consumption;
5>. DIY design;


No. Parameter Value
1 Transmitter Model TX-2.4G
2 Standby Current Less than 25uA
3 Soldering Difficulty Level Easy
4 Working Voltage DC 2V-3V
5 Working Current 0.8A
6 Transmitter Distance 100m(max)
7 Communication Frequency 2.4GHz
8 Transmitting Antenna Built in
9 Shell Size 100*60*25mm
10 Receiver Model RX-2.4G
11 Standby Current Less than 6mA
12 Soldering Difficulty Level Easy
13 Working Voltage DC 3V-12V
14 Working Current 1.6A(max)
15 Communication Frequency 2.4GHz
16 Transmitting Antenna Built in
17 PCB Size 49.5*35.5mm

Step 1: Complete the installation in the normal way following installation manual and schematic.(Please request separately).
Step 2:Connect DC motor;
Step 3:Connect power supply for transmitter and receiver.
Step 4:Test and use.

Key Instructions:
1>.S1 and S2 are used to control Motor M1 to Clockwise rotation and counterclockwise rotation.
2>.S3 and S4 are used to control Motor M2 to Clockwise rotation and counterclockwise rotation.
3>.S5 and S6 are used to control Motor M3 to Clockwise rotation and counterclockwise rotation.

Using Attention:
1>.Please make sure all components in right direction and right place.
2>.Please check whether pseudo/float welding.This is very important .
3>.The soldering iron can't touch the components for a long time, otherwise the components will be damaged because of the high temperature.
4>.It is recommended to use a stable power supply, otherwise it may interfere with the signal output.

Component List:

NO. Component Name PCB Marker Parameter Quantity
1 Metal Film Resistor R1 1K 1
2 Ceramic Capacitor C3 0.1uF 104 1
3 Electrolytic Capacitor C1,C2 10uF 2
4 LED Spacer LED1 3mm 1
5 Red LED LED1 3mm 1
6 Button S1-S4 6*6*9mm 4
7 Button S5-S6 6*6*8mm 2
8 Switch S8 12*6*8mm 1
9 Oscillator X1 12MHz 1
10 3P Male Pin J1 2.54mm 1
11 TXS2.4G U1 SOP-16 1
12 Jumper Cap J1 2P 2.54mm 1
13 PCB TX-2.4G 9.6*5.5cm 1
14 Plastic Box   10*6*2.5cm 1
15 Key Cap S1-S6 White 6
16 Screw   PA2.6*5 4
17 Screw Bat Box M2*5 2
18 Nut Bat Box M2*5 2
19 Battery Box   AA*2 1
20 Ceramic Capacitor C2-C3 0.001uf 102 2
21 Electrolytic Capacitor C4 1uF 1
22 Electrolytic Capacitor C1 100uF 1
23 L9110 U2-U4 DIP-8 3
24 HT7133 U5 TO-92 1
25 RXS2.4G U1 SOP-16 1
26 Oscillator X1 12MHz 1
27 Switch S1 SS12D07 1
28 2P Socket CN1-CN4 2.54mm 4
29 2P Connector Cable CN1-CN4 15cm 4
30 PCB RX-2.4G 49.5*35.5mm 1

Note: You can finish installation by PCB silk screen and component listing.

2>.Smart home
3>.Research and education
4>.Model aircraft

Frequency asked questions:
1>.Why can't work?
Q :Please make sure all components in right direction and right place and check whether pseudo/float welding.This is very important.

Install tools you need preliminary preparation by yourself:
1>. Soldering iron;
2>. Multimeter;
3>. Solder wire;
4>. Iron stand;
5>. Diagonal cutting pliers;
6>. The screwdriver;
7>. Tweezers;
8>. Long nose pliers;
9>. Suction tin;
10>. Cleaning sponge;
11>. Screwdriver set.

Download installation manual and schematic:


Finished Product Picture:


Tested by ICStation's Outstanding Partner randomtronic:

Learn More Details in the Video:
(The language in the video is English)

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TX/RX-2.4G 6-Channel Remote Control Wireless Transceiver DIY Kit for Robotics and Motors