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Voice Record Module 8M Programmable Voice Playback Module Button Control USB Update Music with Charging Circuit

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8M Voice Record Module  
It is a 8M Programmable Voice Record Module Button Control USB Update Music with Charging Circuit. User can update music just like a U-disk to remove and replay new music. It can also change 6 play modes such loop play, play once and so on.
  SUPPORT MAC AND WINDOWS: Our programmable sound module is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. When connected to your computer, it will be recognized as a USB drive, similar to an MP3 player, allowing you to easily add any MP3 audio file to it. However, in the event that you encounter any issues when connecting to your computer, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

  FREE ADJUSTMENT: This updated sound module offers a range of customizable options, allowing you to adjust the volume and playback mode according to your preferences. Whether you prefer random playback or loop playback, this module makes it easy to switch between modes and optimize your listening experience.

  RECHARGEABLE VOICE MODULE: The sound board comes equipped with a pair of batteries for your convenience. Additionally, you have the option to charge the device and change your music using a USB cable (USB cable is not included). This feature allows for greater flexibility and ease of use, ensuring that you always have power and music when you need it.

  SELF-ADHESIVE: On the reverse side of the module, there is a protective film layer that can be easily removed to allow for pasting on any item of your choosing, such as a gift box. This module can be discreetly hidden in various objects such as music boxes, greeting cards, and photo frames. The possibilities for creative customization are endless, making it an ideal choice for adding a personalized design to any gift or keepsake.
1>.Driver-free software and plug directly into PC to update music files
2>.Changeable 6 play mode by super simple configuration file
3>.Changeable play volume by level 01~30
4>.Support rechargeable battery
5>.Charger indicator: Red, keep on for charging and OFF for charged
6>.Play indicator:Blue, keep on for playing
7>.Multiple musics can be played
8>.Built-in adhesive for easy installation
1>.Product name:8M Programmable Voice Record Module
2>.Input voltage:DC 3.6V-4.2V
3>.Memory:8M Byte
4>.Play mode: 6
5>.Volume level: 01~30
6>.Set method: Configuration file
7>.Output: 8ohm 0.5W
8>.Control type:Button control
9>.Battery type:3.6V LIR2032 Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
10>.Work Temperature:-40℃~85℃
11>.Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
12>.PCB Module Size:50*40*5mm
13>.Speaker Size:D36*H5mm
14>.Button PCB Size:21*12*5mm
4.Frequently asked questions
1>.Does it come with Micro USB cable?
A : Yes, it comes with Micro USB cable.
2>.Does it come with battery?
A : Yes, with 2pcs 3.6V LIR2032 Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery.
3>.Does it support key recording?
A : No, it does not. It just support USB. Download new music file by micro USB.
4>.Is there a default voice?
A : Yes.User can update if you don’t need it.
5>.Does it already have a power source?
A : It do not include the power source, it need you to provide, 18650 battery or lithium battery are both OK.
6>.Can it play more than one file? Like, can we load 5 files on it, and it plays them one at a time for each time I push the button?
A : Yes,it can play more than one music.But it can not choose to play the specified music because it just can play once or loop play.
7>.My computer does not recognize the device when i plug in the USB cable. the charging light comes on but nothing else. what can i do?
A : Please try use another USB data cable or PC to test it.Recommend using windows.
8>.What if I accidentally delete the configuration file ‘CONFIG.txt’?
A: It no longer play music and user need create new configuration file ‘CONFIG.txt’ to set play mode and volume.

5.Use steps:
1.1>.Micro USB is used to update the voice file and cannot provide the power needed for playback. So it can not play music after connect USB.
1.2>.It can not play if connected USB to PC, so it needs remove USB before play music.
1.3>.It has built-in test music and configuration files, please test whether the button and speaker can play normally before use. Button can can play and switch music. It is OK if you can hear from speaker.
1.4>.It can just play mp3 music file.
2.1>.Turn power switch to ON.
2.2>.Press button to play music and the blue LED indicator turn ON when playing. Then LED turn OFF when playback ends.
2.3>.Press again to switch next music.
3>.Update music file:
3.1>.Please use USB data wire but not use USB power wire. USB data wire can transmit data and USB power wire can not.
3.2>.Connect voice module to PC by USB data wire just like U-disk connect PC.
3.3>.Turn power switch to ON and then it can be identified as a removable device by PC. Red LED indicator turns ON. Note: Switch must be turned on. Otherwise the PC will not recognize which results in the inability to update the music files and just can charging for battery.
3.3>.Delete the original mp3 music files and then copy and paste the new music files.
3.4>.Open ‘CONFIG.txt’ file if need change play mode and play volume.
Note:Set play volume: VOL=XX and the ‘XX’ can be 01 to 30. Maximum volume when VOL=30. The default value is 30.
         Set play mode: IO=XX ant the ‘XX’ can be 01 to 06. The default value is 01.
3.5>.Remove from PC and Press button to play music.
4>.Control Method:
4.1>.Button Control: Default control method which has include a button PCB board.
4.2>.LDR Control:Reserved control method. It needs connect to a photosensitive sensor such as GL5528 if user need change to this control method. User needs to prepare the sensor in advance because it is not included in the package.

4.3>.Hall Control:Reserved control method. It needs connect to a hall sensor such as AH3144 if user need change to this control method. User needs to prepare the sensor in advance because it is not included in the package.



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