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AC 110V 220V Power-ON Delay Relay Module AC 220V 7A Voltage Output 180min Adjustable Switch Timer Delay Controller

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  It is a delay off switch module.After the switch is energized,the switch is opened,and at the same time,the 220V live wire is output to supply power to the consumer.After a delay,the switch is closed and the output stops when the time is up,so that the consumer stops working.
  1.With high-quality shell,dust-proof and flame-retardant.
  2.With LED indicator,display working status.
  3.It has many uses,such as exhaust fans,motors,cooling fans,germicidal lamps,humidifiers,heaters,etc.
  4.There are 9 different delay times,you can choose by yourself.
  1.Product Name:Delay Off Switch Module
  2.Product Numbering:YS-RT220K
  3.Number of Control Channels:1 output
  4.Power Supply Voltage:AC 220V
  5.Output Voltage:AC220V
  6.Output Current:7A
  7.Control Power:Incandescent lamp 1400W (Max),energy saving lamp 300W (Max)
  8.Standby Power Consumption:12mA(Max)
  9.Working Power Consumption:43mA
  10.Optional Delay:1,5,10,15,25,30,60,120,180 minutes (9 parameters can be adjusted by themselves).
  11.Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  12.Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
4.Delay Time Selection Method:
  1.There is a potentiometer on the module,with 9 scales on the side,each scale corresponds to a delay time.
  2.1(1 minute);2(5 minutes);3(10 minutes);4(15 minutes);5(25 minutes);6(30 minutes);7(60 minutes);8(120 minutes);9(180 minutes)
  3.Each time the power is turned on,the indicator light will flash according to the selected delay time parameter.If the No.3 scale is selected,the indicator light will flash 3 times after the switch is powered on.
5.Use Operation Process:
  1.First select the delay time of the switch,and use a Phillips screwdriver to select different delay parameters clockwise according to the scale.
  2.Disconnect the power supply of the equipment and other power supplies connected with electrical appliances to avoid electric shock in the wiring.
  3.Connect the circuit and wrap it with electrical tape.
  4.After checking the wiring for no problem,turn on the power and the electrical appliances are working normally.When the time is up,it will automatically turn off and the indicator light will flash.
6.Work Purpose:
  1.Exhaust fans,motors,cooling fans,germicidal lamps,humidifiers,heaters and other electrical appliances are automatically turned off at regular intervals.
  2>.After the exhaust fan switch of kitchen,bathroom,bathroom,bedroom,etc.is turned off,the exhaust fan will automatically turn off after it continues to work for a period of time.
  1.After the switch delay time expires,the indicator light will flash to indicate.
  2.After the delay time is up,the following restart needs to be disconnected from the power supply for more than 2 seconds before restarting after the remaining power is exhausted.
  1pcs Delay Off Switch Module
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AC 110V 220V Power-ON Delay Relay Module AC 220V 7A Voltage Output 180min Adjustable Switch Timer Delay Controller