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DIY Kit 10mm RGB LED Flashing Lamp USB 5V Breathing Light Gradient Color Decorative Light

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Effect Demo about the RGB LED Flashing Lamp DIY Kit 
    It is a RGB full color LED light cubic ring DIY Kit.
    It uses 28 high-bright full-color LED, will produce a variety of cool gradient colors when power ON.
   The effect will not be affected even in the sun. The whole form an ultra-thin effect. The power off and power on is a high-value artwork.
28pcs highlight RGB full color LED
23 kinds of display effects
Power off memory function
10mm big LED
Work Voltage:DC 4.5V~5.5V
Work Current:500mA
Work Module:Automatic and Touch Button Control
Work Temperature:-40℃~85℃
Work Humidity:0%~95%RH
4.Display Mode:
    1>.Outward diffusion gradient Aurora LED mode
    2>.Clockwise change color of water droplets tailing effect
    3>.Anticlockwise water droplets tailing
    4>.Layer by layer fade gradually eliminate change color
    5>.Each ring LED full-color gradient
    6>.Random LED lightning mode
    7>.Random 4pcs LED alternately breathing transformation
    8>."Y" rotation (Like the English letter Y)
    9>.Random layer and color breathing
    10>.Three laps LED full-color gradient
    11>.Clockwise color effect  water droplets tailing
    12>.Internal and external diffusion LED Aurora gradient mode 
    13>.Rainbow gradient mode
    14>.A LED color random breath
    15>.A variety of all LED breathing patterns 
    16>.Constantly changing color of water droplets tailing
    17>.Random full light and Random Off
    18>.Random four color breathing effect
    19>.Random color exterminate
    20>.All LED full-color gradient
    21>.Random 7pcs of all LED after getting brighter gradually eliminate
    22>.Random two color water droplets tailing
    23>.Random 4pcs LED's "stars" effect
    24>.The default code inside the chip, the function is more abundant, so please do not update the code inside arbitrarily!
5.Installation Steps (Please be patient):
    Step 1: Install 1pcs IAP15W413S-35I SOP-28 at IC1.
There is a dot on one corner of the IC and there is a black dot on PCB where the IC can place on.
These two marks are corresponding to each other and are used to specify the installation direction of the IC.
    Step 2: Install 1pcs 1Mohm 0805 SMD Resistor at R22.
    Step 3: Install 1pcs 0.1uF 0805 SMD Capacitor at C1.
    Step 4: Install 21pcs 120ohm 0805 SMD Resistor at R1~R21.
    Step 5: Install 1pcs MINI USB Female Socket at J1.
    Step 6: Install 1pcs 220uF SMD Aluminum Capacitor at C3.Pay attention to its installation direction.
    Step 7: Install 3pcs copper pillars as support pillars.
    Step 8: Identify the LED pins. The rectangular pad connects to the longest LED pin.The pins of other LED are inserted into the corresponding pads in sequence.
    Step 9: Install the LED at the center point, the height of the LED is controlled at about 35mm.
    Step 10: Install inner ring 9pcs LED.Insert the LED in the correct position.Next cut Cut off excess pins.Next Fix the pin with solder.
    Step 11: Take the shortest pin as the reference length and cut off the excess length of other pins.Next to fix the pin with solder.
    Step 12: The height of the inner ring LED is about 25mm.
    Step 13: Install outer ring 18pcs LED in the correct position.
    Step 14: Connect to power supply and enjoy the LED flashing effect. Press touch button to change display effect.
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DIY Kit 10mm RGB LED Flashing Lamp USB 5V Breathing Light Gradient Color Decorative Light