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1600W Brushless DC Motor Driver Three-phase DC Hallless Motor Controller

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This product is a drive module developed for non-inductive BLDC motors, the drive main control chip is SNR8503M, the core integrates a special circuit for inductive motor drive, the surrounding circuit is simple, the function is perfect, the volume is small, the debugging is simple, the drive efficiency is high, the application is flexible, and it is widely applicable.

SNR8503M is a 32-bit core MCU, which is easy to develop and debug. In order to facilitate users to quickly implement the drive non-inductive BLDC computer, and the software core algorithm layer has been completed, you only need to carry out secondary development on the basis of this software, and you can quickly complete product development.

1>.Forward and reverse switching, stop brake, LED motor status indication
2>.Electric potentiary (PWM) speed regulation
3>.MOS power-on self-test,
4>.MOS over-temperature protection(>95℃)
5>.locked-up protection
6>.over-current protection(MAX 50A),
8>.under-voltage protection
9>.Support anti-reverse protection
10>.blocking protection
11>.Speed closed loop
12>.Closed loop of current
13>.Tailwind start
14>.Shutdown brakes
15>.On-board LED indicators are used for standby, work, errors, etc.
16>.The on-board CW/CCW steering interface is CW when suspended and GND is CCW counterclockwise when short.
17>.The onboard UART serial port allows users to control the module through the serial protocol.
18>.On-board programming interface for updating programming programs.

1>.Working voltage: 6~80V
2>.Continuous operation (current limit): 5A
3>.Maximum current: 50A
4>.Max output power: 1600W
5>.RPM range: 180,000 RPM
6>.Driving carrier frequency: 16KHz, support modification
7>.Drive mode: upper arm PWM, lower arm full open commutation
8>.Inductive observation: Back EMF observation
9>.Potentiometer speed regulation: 0.5~5V
10>.PWM speed regulation: frequency 1~20KHz, duty cycle 10~100%
11>.FG speed feedback: RPM = FG frequency Hz * 60 / number of pole pairs.
12>.Speed control mode: The default is open-loop control, and the closed-loop needs to be debugged.
13>.Work Temperature:-40℃~105℃
14>.Work Humidity:0%~95%RH
15>.Size: 78*57MM

  1pcs Brushless motor control module.
  1pcs potentiometer.


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1600W Brushless DC Motor Driver Three-phase DC Hallless Motor Controller