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170W High-power H-bridge Motor Driver DC 5V-30V NMOS Forward Reverse Controller

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  It is a motor driver module.It is composed of two half-bridge driver ICs and four external NMOS tubes,with low heat generation and good braking effect.

  1).It adopts two-way half-bridge driver chip and low-pass internal resistance 55V 110A NMOS,which can realize the forward and reverse rotation of the motor.
  2).The duty cycle of the two PWM inputs can be adjusted within 0-99%,with instantaneous braking capability.
  3).The control is extremely simple and convenient,only 3 input lines are needed to control the motor.
  4).The chip has built-in dead zone hardware control,which can better adapt to frequent commutation and reduce the loss of the tube itself.
  5).It supports 5V,3.3V logic input,suitable for direct control of IO ports of various types of microcontrollers.
  6).The back of the module is tinned,and the wires can flow more current.

  1).Product Name:Motor Driver Module
  2).Input Voltage:DC 5V-30V
  3).Working Power:170W(Max)
  4).PWM Duty Cycle:0-99%
  5).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  6).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH

4.Interface Description:
  1).VIN:positive pole of power supply
  2).GND:negative pole of power supply
  3).12V:12V output port
  4).MOT+,MOT-:motor output interface
  5).EN:enable terminal,active low
  6).IN1:logic input 1
  7).IN2:logic input 2

5.Instructions for Use:
  1).PWM speed control:
    1.1).IN1=PWM pulse (0-99%);IN2= 0;the forward rotation speed is adjustable.
    1.2).IN1 =0;IN2 = PWM pulse (0-99%);the reverse speed is adjustable.
    1.3).IN1=0;IN2=0;motor braking.

  1).Each time the module is powered on,there needs to be a falling edge before the control terminal becomes 0.First pull high and then pull low,it is recommended to use microcontroller control.
  2).Due to the bootstrap capacitor scheme,the PWM duty cycle cannot reach 100%,and the control terminal cannot be directly connected to 1.

  1).Power tools
  3).Small machinery and equipment

  1pcs Motor Driver Module

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170W High-power H-bridge Motor Driver DC 5V-30V NMOS Forward Reverse Controller