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DC 12V 2Bit PWM 3-Wire Fan Temperature Controller 2A Speed Governor for PC Fan/Alarm

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  It is a PWM 3-wire fan temperature controller.It can display temperature and fan speed, and can turn off the fan.

  1>.Digital display
  2>.Support reverse connection protection
  3>.Intelligent temperature control
  4>.Dual output

  1>.Product Name:PWM 3-Wire Fan Temperature Controller
  2>.Input Voltage:DC 11V~14V
  3>.Single Channel Output Current:1.2A(MAX)
  4>.Dual Channel Current:2.0A(MAX)
  5>.Working efficiency:90%
  6>.Thermistor parameters: NTC 10KB=3950
  7>.Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  8>.Work Humidity:5%~95%RH

  1>.If the voltage is too low,it will display "Lu",if it is too high,it will display "Hu",the protection will turn off the output.If the voltage is too high,it will be damaged.
  2>.The maximum continuous output current of a single channel is 1.2A,and the total current of dual channels cannot exceed 2.0A at the same time.It is not recommended to use a fan with a current lower than 0.15A.
  3>.Reverse connection protection:short-circuit reverse connection protection,connect the reverse power supply to blow out the input copper foil insurance.
  4>.Please pay attention to the insulation installation,and then power on after connecting the line to avoid output short circuit.
  5>.During normal work,channel 1 temperature, speed, channel 2 temperature and speed are automatically displayed in turn.You can quickly switch the display by pressing the + Button and - Button.

5.Parameter Setting:
  1>.Manual speed setting (minimum speed for temperature control):
    1.1>.In the running state, press the OK Button once to enter the speed setting function.The two indicators of FAN1 light up at the same time,which indicates that the output size of the fan 1 is currently adjusted.Press the + Button and - Button to adjust,the minimum is 1rpm,the maximum is 100rpm.
    1.2>.After setting,short press the OK Button to enter the output size setting of fan 2.After setting,short press the OK button again to exit and save the parameters.

  2>.Temperature control and stall alarm settings:
    2.1>.In the running state,long press the OK button to enter the temperature control and stall alarm settings. The indicator on the right indicates the corresponding setting channel, the corresponding setting parameter display and its meaning and range ("**" represents a number):
    2.2>."L**":Acceleration temperature setting,the range is 5℃~94℃,and it is lower than "H**" by at least 5℃,otherwise the linkage will increase "H**".
    2.3>."H**":full speed temperature setting,the range is 10℃~99℃,and it is higher than "L**" by at least 5 ℃, otherwise the linkage will be adjusted to lower "L**".
    2.4>."F**":Fan shutdown temperature,the lowest value is 1rpm,the maximum limit is lower than "L**" 2℃,when set to F00,the fan will not turn off.
    2.5>.bON/bOF:Channel stall alarm ON/OFF.
    2.6>.Adjust the setting value by pressing the + Button and - Button to switch the setting parameters by pressing the OK Button.After setting the channel 1 and channel 2 parameters in the above order,short press the OK Button for the last time to exit and save the parameters.

  3>.After the fan shutdown function is enabled,when the channel temperature reaches the "L**" value, the fan starts at the lowest speed and accelerates as the temperature increases. When the channel temperature is lower than the "F**" value, the fan turns off. The corresponding channel stall alarm will automatically shield the speed detection in the closed state.

  4>.Turn off channel 2 display:
    4.1>.Some applications may only need one channel.At this time, channel 2 can be closed.
    4.2>.The setting method is:when the controller is not powered,long press the OK button to power on,the controller enters channel 2 to display the setting state,and press + Button and - Button to modify the setting.2ON/2OF means display /not display of channel 2.After setting,short press the OK Button to save and exit to enter the working state.
    4.2>.After turning off the display of channel 2,the speed and temperature of channel two are no longer reflected on the digital tube, but the function of channel two is not affected.

  1>.PWM 3-Wire Fan Temperature Controller
  2>.1pcs NTC Temperature Sensor
  3>.1pcs Buzzer


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DC 12V 2Bit PWM 3-Wire Fan Temperature Controller 2A Speed Governor for PC Fan/Alarm