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2000W Electronic Voltage Regulator AC 220V SCR High Power Support Dimming Speed Temperature Regulation

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It is a 2000W governor.It uses a new type of bidirectional high-power thyristor,the current can reach 25A, which solves the problem of overcurrent caused by too small resistance of the electric furnace wire when it is cooled.
It can easily adjust the output voltage of the mains power supply,which can be adjusted between 50-220 volts,for the use of electrical appliances.
For example:the heating of electric stoves,water heaters,the lighting of lamps,the speed of small motors,the temperature of electric soldering irons, etc.So as to achieve the effects of dimming, temperature and pressure.
It can be used for large electrical appliances with a power consumption of less than 2000 watts.Since the power is already large,ordinary household electrical appliances or small factories are sufficient.
  1).The module uses imported thyristor,with a withstand voltage of up to 1200V.
  2).The voltage regulator is equipped with a peak voltage absorption circuit to effectively protect the high-power thyristor,has a long life and is more durable.
  3).The voltage regulator can adjust the minimum output voltage through a precision multi-turn potentiometer.
  4).It uses high-quality trigger diodes.
  5).It uses high-quality CBB capacitors to withstand 630V DC withstand voltage.
  6).Potentiometers are equipped with screw caps,so they can be used without adding other components.
  1).Product Name:2000W Governor
  2).Input Voltage:AC 220V
  3).Output Voltage:DC 50V-200V(Adjustable)
  5).Output Current:25A
  6).Work Temperature:-40℃~125℃
  7).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
  Connect this product in series to the circuit of a table lamp or electrical appliance,(that is,disconnect any one of the live wire or neutral wire of the table lamp,electrical appliance,etc.,and connect the two wires of this "product":it is possible) to rotate the potential The rotating rod of the device can play the role of light and dark adjustment,speed adjustment,pressure adjustment,and temperature adjustment,which is very convenient to use.
  This module is connected to 220V AC voltage,so you must pay attention to safety when debugging to prevent electric shock accidents.
  1pcs 2000W Governor
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2000W Electronic Voltage Regulator AC 220V SCR High Power Support Dimming Speed Temperature Regulation