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IRS2092S Digital Amplifier Board 500W Class D HIFI Player Module

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   IRS2092S is a Digital Amplifier Board 500W Class D HIFI Player Module.

  1>.Super power output
  2>.Output short circuit protection
  3>.Speaker protection
  4>.Over-temperature protection

  1>.Product name: Mono super power digital power amplifier board
  2>.Product model: 011670
  3>.Chip type: Class D chip
  4>.Chip model: IRS2092S
  5>.Protection function: Short circuit protection,Over-temperature protection,speaker protection
  6>.Channel number: Mono channel
  7>.Frequency response range: 20Hz-20KHz
  8>.Input voltage:  dual DC power supply ±55--±80V
  9>.Ouput power: 500W
  10>. Speaker: 4-8ohm
  11>. Voltage Magnification: 50 times
  12>.Size: 98*43*30mm

  1>. The rated power supply voltage is dual power supply ±70V, and the voltage is available at ±55--±80V Normal work (over 80V, it will burn, it will not be burned out!) if it a ring cow, Because it does not have a voltage stabilization function, the voltage will fluctuate with the grid, please use the margin. Do not connect the positive and negative poles of the power supply incorrectly to avoid burning the board;

  2>.The power supply is recommended to be a DC dual power supply ±70V power supply with better filtering;

  3>.The speaker is recommended to use a 10-18 inch 4 ohm -8 ohm speaker;

  4>. Although the audio output has short circuit protection, try not to short circuit;

  5>.Please check carefully before powering on to ensure that the wiring is correct before powering on;

  6>.The voltage magnification of this board is fixed at 50 times. If the output power is not enough, it depends on Pre-amplification is added to the specific situation;

  7>.The board will have dual DC power supply (3 lines). Single power supply can not, power supply voltage ±55V ~ ± 80V, too low does not work, too high easy to burn out. Maximum effective board power 500W (at ±75V, 4ohm under the condition of the load input 1V);

  8>.According to the power formula P=U*U/R=voltage*voltage/load, it can be known that the power is determined by the electricity The voltage is determined by the load. The higher the voltage and the lower the load, the greater the power, and the board will supply power.

Voltage range means that all voltage boards within this range can work normally, and Not all voltages and load powers are as high power output as marked, for example, 12V power supply 4 ohm load, the maximum power is 15W, the maximum power is 7.5W when 8 ohms; 24V power supply 4 ohms, power maximum 50W, 8 ohms maximum 25W; at any time At a time, the power of the power supply must be greater than the power of the amplifier, otherwise the loud volume will not move. The power will be reduced and the sound will be interrupted, and the corresponding power output will not be achieved.

  11pcs IRS2092S Digital Amplifier Board 500W Class D HIFI Player Module.

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IRS2092S Digital Amplifier Board 500W Class D HIFI Player Module