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50W+50W HIFI Bluetooth-Compatible Amplifier Board, TPA3116 BLE5.1 Stereo Audio Amp, APP/Infrared Remote Control

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                                 XY-Y50H 50W+50W HIFI Stereo Bluetooth 5.1 Audio Amplifier Module

XY-Y50H is a high-power 50W+50W HIFI Stereo Bluetooth 5.1 Audio Amplifier Module which also can be controlled by APP Sinilink and remote controller. It can modify the Bluetooth name and password, also can turn ON/OFF Bluetooth prompt tone. 2.0 channels audio signal output. Built-in amplifier module therefore it can connect to loudspeaker directly. It is ideal for DIY wireless Bluetooth speakers and transponders.

1>.Bluetooth APP Control : It can not only be used as an ordinary Bluetooth receiver, but also use the special Bluetooth APP SiniLink to achieve the play state switching and sound quality playback. In particular, it can support the modification of the Bluetooth name and set the Bluetooth pairing password which greatly improving the safety of the use of the product. At the same time, the Bluetooth prompt tone can also be turned ON or OFF as your needs.

2>.Remote Control : It uses an infrared remote control with silicon rubber buttons which can improve user experience. It can adjust the volume, switch music, switch sound effects, and also mute and turn off the power which can implement remote control and more convenient operation.

3>.50W+50W Dual Channel Stereo: It has a built-in TPA3116 amplifier chip to provide 50W*2 high power drive capability with DC 9V-24V work voltage.Recommended to use more than 5A current to get more clear, bright and high fidelity sound.

4>.Easy and fast operation: It only needs to connect the matching power supply and speaker to start working. The on-board 360° infinite tuning potentiometer can not only adjust the volume, but also playing and pause easy and fast operation. At the same time, an IPEX external antenna socket is reserved for effective receiving Bluetooth signals when the XY-Y50H is installed in a metal box.

5>.Protection Function: It has multiple protection mechanisms to ensure its safe operation with Over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, overheating protection, clipping protection.

1>.Bluetooth APP Control
2>.Remote Control
3>.Bluetooth/AUX/U-disk Audio Input
4>.HIFI 50W+50W Dual Channel Stereo
5>.ON/OFF Prompt Voice
6>.Modify Bluetooth Name
7>.ON/OFF Bluetooth Password
8>.Modify Bluetooth Password
9>.Adjust Volume for Prompt Voice
10>.360° Infinite Adjust Volume

1>.Product name:XY-Y50H 50W+50W HIFI Stereo Bluetooth 5.1 Amplifier Module
3>.Work Voltage:DC 9V-24V(12V or more recommended)
4>.Work Current:>5A
5>.Unique function:Sinilink APP control
6>.Controller IC: TPA3116
7>.Channel:2.0 channel stereo output
8>.Bluetooth:BLE 5.1
9>.Audio input type:Bluetooth
10>.Audio output type:Left/Right
11>.Adjust volume:360° Potentiometer adjustment
12>.Frequency range:20Hz-20KHz
13>.Output power:
13.1>.Output power 10W*2 at 12V 8ohm
13.2>.Output power 20W*2 at 12V 4ohm
13.3>.Output power 30W*2 at 24V 8ohm
13.4>.Output power 50W*2 at 21V 4ohm
13.5>.The voltage cannot exceed 21V at 4ohm
13.6>.The voltage cannot exceed 24V at 8ohm
14>.Communication distance:15meter(Max)
15>.Over temperature protection:Yes
16>.Short circuit protection:Yes
17>.Over voltage protection:Yes
18>.Under voltage protection:Yes
19>.Clipping protection:Yes
20>.Work Temperature:-20℃~85℃
21>.Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
22>.Module Size(Installed):70*52*24mm

5.Use steps:
1>.Choose the right speakers and connect as shown in wiring diagram.
2>.Connect to right power supply from DC-005 power socket.LED indicator will flashing and it means that module enters pairing mode.And then speak prompt voice and it means that module is waiting for pairing.
3>.Turn ON Bluetooth on phone.
4>.Select Bluetooth device ‘XinYi’ or modified name in your Bluetooth device listing.
5>.LED indicator will keep ON and it means that module is successfully connected and is waiting for playing.
6>.XY-Y50H will playing music after select music on phone.LED indicator will keep slowly blinking.
7>.Adjust potentiometer to change volume as you need.
8>.Open APP Sinilink and register an account if need control by APP. Note: You can choose to log in as a tourist without registering.
9>.Click the dot in the left to add device.
10>.Select ‘Bluetooth devices’ and then Search Bluetooth.
11>.Select devices ‘Sinilink-APP’ or ‘XinYi’ or ‘XYV122V....’ to connect module.
12>.User can adjust volume, select next or previous, play/pause, select EQ, reset name, enable/disable/set password, enable/disable Bluetooth prompt tone.
13>.XY-Y50H will speak prompt voice if disconnected.

1>.Modified/repair/replace speaker
2>.Amplifier equipment for training/activity site and so on
3>.Car Bluetooth device
4>.Music Festival Party
5>.Family entertainment and leisure
6>.Games and Cinema

1>.The power amplifier board should be as far away as possible from the WIFI signal (router) avoid signal interference.
2>.It is power supply voltage DC 9V-24V with more than 5A current. Module will be damaged if input voltage is more than 24V.
3>.It is recommended to use a working power supply of more than 12V.
4>.Please don’t use too long wires to avoid signal interference.
5>.There can be enough power output only when the audio input is sufficient and the power supply voltage/current input is sufficient.
6>.The higher the power supply voltage, the greater the output power.
7>.The smaller the impedance of the speaker, the greater the output power. It is recommended to use 4ohm speaker.
8>.Please read use manual and description before use.

1>.1pcs XY-Y50H 50W+50W HIFI Stereo Bluetooth 5.1 Amplifier Module
2>.2pcs Aluminium Alloy Shell
3>.1pcs Remote Controller
4>.1pcs DC-005 Power Connector
5>.1pcs 6mm knob cap
6>.1pcs ‘+’ screwdriver
7>.4pcs M2*14mm copper column
8>.4pcs M2*4+3mm copper column screw
9>.8pcs M2*3mm screw


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