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4-20mA 0-600 Celsius Intelligent Smart Temperature Transmitter Support PT100 Thermal Resistance Sensor K Thermocouple

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    It is a perfect combination of temperature sensor and transmitter. It converts the temperature signal in the range of 0~600℃ into two-wire 4~20mA DC electric signal to the display, DCS, regulator and recorder in a very simple way. It to achieve accurate measurement and control of temperature. The integrated temperature transmitter is a new generation of temperature measurement and control for modern industrial sites and research institutes. It is an essential product for distributed systems and digital bus systems.
    It is suitable for ten kinds of signal transmission, including thermocouple and thermal resistance. The product utilizes 24-bits sigma-delta analog front end to ensure high precision; Anti surge and anti reverse connection can avoid the damage of misoperation in application; enhanced software security design, including low voltage monitor, multi task scheduling optimization, is a plus. For convenience, you can connect the PC with the module via USB cable to setup the temperature configuration without external power supply.
    1>.Intelligent remote control;
    2>.Measuring temperature range is wide;
    3>.Low power consumption;
    4>.Stainless steel material;
    5>.High precision detection;
    6>.Rapid response;
    7>.High temperature resistance.
    1>.Product Name:Intelligent Integrated Temperature Transmitter Module 
    2>.Working Voltage:DC 12~35V
    3>.Measuring temperature range:0~600℃
    4>.Precision:RTD 0.1%; TC 0.2%
    6>.Load:250ohm or 500ohm
    7>.Drift:<50ppm/℃ F.S.
    9>.Current Limit:20.3mA
    10>.Support Sensor:PT100,Cu50,Cu100,TC_K,TC_E,TC_B,TC_S,TC_J,TC_N, etc.
    11>.Stock Temperature:-40~120℃
    12>.Shell Material:PA66
    13>.Working Temperature range:-30℃~80℃
    14>.Working Humidity range:0%-95%RH
    1>.On-site temperature measurement process control
    2>.Computer measurement and control system
    4>.Industrial production
  1pc Intelligent Integrated Temperature Transmitter Module


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4-20mA 0-600 Celsius Intelligent Smart Temperature Transmitter Support PT100 Thermal Resistance Sensor K Thermocouple