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AC50-300V 100A Ammeter Voltmeter Timer Power Temperature Frequency Capacity Meter Electricity Meter

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   It is an AC50-300V 100A Ammeter Voltmeter Timer Power Temperature Frequency Capacity Meter Electricity Meter.

  1>.Intelligent calaulation of data, simple, convenient and fast
  2>.8 major funtions
  3>.Full viewing angle color screen
  4>.Dedicated metering chip
  5>.Multiple parameters can be displayed simultaneously

  1>.Voltage: AC50-300V
  2>.Current: 0-100A
  3>.Power: 0-30KW
  4>.Capacity: 0.001-99999Kwh
  5>.Power: 0-22W
  6>.Timing: 0.1-999
  7>.Temperature: -20°C~150°C
  8>.Frequency: 50-60Hz
  9>.Size: 73.5*44.5*20mm

  1>.Long press"M Key" for 3 seconds to enter the setting, double-click the "M key" to wrap, and click the "M key" to move;

  2>. Alarm prompt setting, when the value is set, long press the M key for 3 seconds to save. An alarm will only appear when the actual test value is greater than or equal to the set value. The sound will be emitted when the meter has an alarm. At the same time, the numerical unit will flash on the screen. For example, if the current is set to 1.000A, an alarm will appear. If the actual current used is greater than 1.000A, an alarm will appear;

  3>.Turn off the alarm prompt mode: set the alarm value to be greater than the actual value, or set all the alarm values to 0;

  4>.Computer and timer reset method: Long press the "UP" for 3 seconds, click the "M key" to reset the timer when it flickers, double-click the "M key" to switch to electric energy, and then click the "M key" to reset;

  5>.Restore factory settings: Press and hold the "DOWN", then turn on the power, you can restore the factory settings after hearing the sound of the meter. The factory-set voltage alarm value is 275V, and the others are all 0.

  1>.1pcs Meter
  2>.1pcs Close CT
  3>.1pcs Temperature Sensor

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AC50-300V 100A Ammeter Voltmeter Timer Power Temperature Frequency Capacity Meter Electricity Meter