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Coulometer Meter Lead-acid Battery Voltage Monitor, Battery Capacity Monitor 30A Charge/Discharge Controller 6V-60V LCD Display

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ZK-CM30 is a high-precision current acquisition type battery meter, also known as a coulomb meter. It can display the real-time capacity and charging/discharging time of the battery in real-time, convenient for battery discharge/discharge management, playing a role in protecting the battery.

It is a discharge protector at discharge mode and a charge protector at charge mode. It can connect voltage from DC 6V-60V battery and the output voltage is the same to input voltage. It can set battery discharge/charge voltage to prevent the battery from over-discharging/over-charging and causing damage.

The output voltage can continue to provide voltage to the load when the battery charging voltage rises to the allowable discharge value.Therefore, it can effectively protect the service life of the battery and make the use of the battery safer and more reliable.

1>.Charge/Discharge Protector: Automatic Switch Charge/Discharge Mode by right C/P terminal. It is a Charge Protector if connect a charger or Discharge Protector if connect a load, which integrates charging and discharging control functions. Avoid the battery from entering an undervoltage state due to over discharge and damaging the battery during discharging.Avoid battery damage due to overcharge during charging.

2>.Coulomb Meter: Real time display of battery capacity value and percentage, providing a very intuitive understanding of the current state of the battery's ability to continue working. At the same time, can calculate the time when the battery can continue to discharge or discharge.

3>.Battery Voltage Monitor: Not only can it display battery voltage, capacity, percentage, but also display charging and discharging current/power/battery capacity. Fully demonstrate the working performance and parameters of the battery.

4>.Various Battery Type: It can measure lithium battery, lead-acid battery,LiFePO4 battery and others type batteries. also can support multiple batteries in series within 6V~60V.

5>.Power-down memory function: The parameters can be permanently saved after completing the setting, so there is no need to worry about loss data when the power is turned off.

1>.Automatic Switch Charge/Discharge Mode
2>.High precision Hall type Coulomb Meter
3>.Real-time Battery Voltage Monitor
4>.Automatically cut off the load to protect the battery
5>.Automatically start the load when charging is completed
6>.Programmable battery stop value and start value
7>.Adjustable backlight brightness
8>.30A high current control
9>.Parameter power-off save
10>.HD LCD display screen
11>.Display Battery capacity Ah, percentage %, energy Wh
12>.Display Battery charging/discharging current A,power W, countdown time H:M 00:00

1>.Measured voltage:DC 6.0-60V
2>.Output voltage:Same to input
3>.Load current:30A(Max)
4>.Control precision:0.2V/0.1A
5>.Work Power consumption:<2W
6>.Static power consumption:0.2W-0.4W
7>.Work mode:Charge and discharge mode
8>.Appropriate types:Storage battery, Lithium battery
9>.Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
10>.Work Humidity:5%~95%RH

5.User Manual (PDF):


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Coulometer Meter Lead-acid Battery Voltage Monitor, Battery Capacity Monitor 30A Charge/Discharge Controller 6V-60V LCD Display