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PID Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat NTC Sensor Heating Cooling Relay Switch for Industrial/Home

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PID Digital Temperature Controller
  It is a PID Digital Temperature Controller with industrial-grade chip, high-precision NTC temperature sensor.
  LED digital tube dual display, very clear, easy to use.
  It can be widely used at Smart home,Industrial control, Automatic irrigation, Indoor ventilation. 
 Automatic control with PID algorithm
 Power-down memory function
 Adjustable work mode
 Automatic constant temperature control
 Real time monitoring display
 Product name:PID Digital Temperature Controller
 Working Voltage:DC 12V 
 Sensor:NTC 10K sensor
 Measure range:-50℃~125℃
 Temperature Control precision:1℃
 Output type:Relay switch output(No voltage output!)
 Temperature type:Celsius
 LED Display:Red/Blue 3Bit
 Load voltage:DC 1V-30V or AC 1V-250V
 Control Load Current:10A(Max)
 Refresh rate:0.5s
 Size of Controller:79*43*26mm
 Length of Sensor cable:100cm
  1.Setting parameters:
1.Keep press SET button more than 2second enter to parameter set mode.
2.Then press UP or Down buttons to change parameter value.
3.Press SET button to switch the next parameters.
4.Auto save parameters and exit if no operation within 5second.
  2.Set Work Mode P01:
It is used to switch Cooling Mode C and Heating mode H.
  3.Temperature Correction P07:
1.The system may have errors if it works for a long time, it can be corrected by this function.
2.Actual Temperature = Measured Temperature + Calibration Value.
  4.Data lock P10:
In normal display mode, the setting value cannot be modified if turn ON P10.
  5.For other parameters, please refer to the parameter table.
  6.Work Status:
1.The first line display the current actual temperature PV.
2.The second line display the set temperature SV.
3.The current actual temperature PV will always be displayed and flashing after the power is turned on.
4.The system will automatically memorize the data after 5s after the setting is completed.The thermostat will automatically calculate the value of each group of PID parameters according to the temperature and load set by the user. There will be a large fluctuation in the temperature during the setting process, and the user does not need to intervene.
  Control cabinet
  Production workshop
  Hatching aquaculture control
  Tobacco industry
  Printing house
  Aquarium temperature control
1.It is a relay output mode and cannot be used as a power module. It cannot output voltage. The load needs to be connected to a separate power supply.
2.Please read use manual and description before use.
1pcs PID Digital Temperature Controller
1pcs 100cm NTC 10K Temperature Sensor
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PID Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat NTC Sensor Heating Cooling Relay Switch for Industrial/Home