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DIY High Voltage Electromagnetic Transmitter Kit 3V Primary Coil Boost Module STEM Kit for School Home Education

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HU-064 is a DC 3V High Voltage Electromagnetic Transmitter DIY Kit. It can simulate an electromagnetic transmitter and convert electrical energy into magnetic energy, thereby injecting a metal cylinder. Users can use it to learn and understand the working principle of electromagnetic transmitters and learn the basics of electronic technology.
It is a very interesting DIY electronic product which enables users to understand the circuit more clearly and learn soldering skills.

DIY Soldering Project: It’s a DIY kit which comes with various components. User need to install each component by hand. It not only can exercise and improve soldering skills, but also increase the interest in electronic technology. Great for electronics hobbyists, beginners, school and home education.

Easy to Assemble: During the assembly process, the kit requires not too much soldering, more needs to connect the circuit and assemble the components. We have prepared a detailed user manual. The connection was clearly mapped and labeled on the board, and the principle is simple.

Please Pay Attention:
1>.Do not touch the metal parts with your hands when it is charged. The finished project is a device that works under high voltage.
2>.Please discharge the energy storage capacitor before troubleshooting. Please refer to user the manual for detailed discharge operation.
3>.Children under the age of 14 need to be installed and used it under the supervision of an adult.

1>.Work Voltage: DC 3V
2>.Charging Current: 50~60mA
3>.Discharging Current: 70~80mA
4>.Power Type:AA*2 Battery (Not Included)
5>.Work Temperature:-20℃~85℃
6>.Work Humidity:5%~85%RH

Installation Manual:

4.Instructions & Steps for Usage:
1>Turn ON black power switch to charge the capacitor;
2>.Wait for approximately 10-30 seconds to complete charging and the blue/red LED is charge indicator and slowly brighten up;
3>.Insert the metal cylinder from the rear end of the plastic tube, and its tail should be flush with the tail of the tube;
4>.Press the launch button (red button), the metal cylinder will fly out, and the launch is complete.

5>.Warm Tips:
1>. It can be launched once each time, and after the launch is completed, it needs to be recharged.
2> Relax as soon as possible after pressing the launch/red button.

1>.The instantaneous voltage inside the circuit board reaches about 210V, so please don’t touch component during charging.
2>.Do not wear or damage the insulation layer on the surface of the wire.

3>.The capacitor must be discharged first before circuit testing. The capacitor has been discharged if the blue indicator turn OFF.
4>.Its power consumption is relatively fast, the working voltage is about 50mA when charging, so it is recommended to use a new battery.

5>.Its working voltage is 3V, so the input voltage must not exceed the working voltage.
6>.It can be launched once each time, and after the launch is completed, it needs to be recharged.

7>.The launch distance is related to the horizontal position, Iron Pillar’s position and many other factors.
8>.Before stopping use, it is recommended to fire several times to release the electric energy inside the capacitor.


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DIY High Voltage Electromagnetic Transmitter Kit 3V Primary Coil Boost Module STEM Kit for School Home Education