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DIY Kit High Voltage Electromagnetic Transmitter, Science Experiment DIY Soldering Kit for School Home Education

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TJ-56-519A High Voltage Electromagnetic Transmitter DIY Kit
  • TJ-56-519A is a DC 3V High Voltage Electromagnetic Transmitter DIY Kit. 
  • This DIY Kit is very Suitable for Home/School Education Science Experiment. It can simulate an electromagnetic transmitter and convert electrical energy into magnetic energy, thereby injecting a metal cylinder.
  • User can use it to understand the working principle of electromagnetic transmitters and learn the basics of electronic technology.


  • Product Name:TJ-56-519A High Voltage Electromagnetic Transmitter DIY Kit
  • Product Number:TJ-56-519A
  • Work Voltage:DC 3V
  • Power Type:Battery(Not Included!)
  • Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  • Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
  • Size(Installed):97*90*85mm
3.Using Steps:
  • Complete the installation correctly according to the installation manual.
  • Turn ON left blue toggle power switch then the green power indicator will turn ON.
  • The circuit starts to charge the capacitor.
  • The Red charged indicator will turn ON(Note:Just shining slightly!!!) after 2~3 minute. That is means the capacitor is fully charged.
  • Place 1pcs M4*12mm Iron Pillar on Transparent Plastic Tube and align.
  • Press Red Momentary Start Switch to transmit Iron Pillar. Note:Release immediately after pressing and don’t keep pressing.


4.Installation Steps:

Please Click Here to download installation manual: 

▲ The instantaneous voltage inside the circuit board reaches 90~100V, so the operation must be completed after installing the acrylic case.  Please do not touch the internal components when it was connected to power, otherwise you will have a sense of electric shock.
▲ Childern under 14 need to be guided/used under parents or teachers. Please do not shoot to any part of your/others body, such as eyes, nose, mouth.
▲ Do not wear or damage the insulation layer on the surface of the wire.
▲ The capacitor must be discharged first before circuit testing. The capacitor has been discharged if the voltmeter shows 0V from two pins on capacitor. Otherwise, user need to short-circuit capacitor with wire until the voltage shows 0V.
▲ Its power consumption is relatively fast, the working voltage is about 50mA when charging, so it is recommended to use a new battery.
▲ Its working voltage is 3V, so the input voltage must not exceed the working voltage.
 Usually after charging is completed, it can be launched once, but there will be residual power in the capacitor, and it can continue to be launched, at the same time the launch distance will be reduced.
▲ The launch distance is related to the horizontal position, Iron Pillar’s position and many other factors.
Before stopping use, it is recommended to fire several times to release the electric energy inside the capacitor.
6. Component List:

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DIY Kit High Voltage Electromagnetic Transmitter, Science Experiment DIY Soldering Kit for School Home Education

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