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LM317 Adjustable Voltage Regulator Kit, AC-DC 110V to 1.25V-12V Step Down Module, DIY DC Power Supply Electronic Kits

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It is an AC-DC 110V to 1.25V-12V LM317 Adjustable Step Down Power Supply Buck Voltage Converter LED Display DIY Kit. 
It can output stable voltage. Users can change output by operating a potentiometer. 
It also can be used as a signal generator or logic circuit or buzzer alarm circuit.
1.It is a DIY kit so that needs finish install by the user.
2.Its max output power is 2.5W.
3.It can not be used as a charger to charge the phone.
4.Since the output current is not large, it can only supply power to the small current circuit.
5.If the power supply load is too large, the voltage will drop.
AC 110V input work voltage
Adjustable output voltage
RC Signal generator
Logic signal test circuit
Buzzer alarm circuit
DIY manual soldering
Simple and easy to operate
Item name: AC-DC 110V to 12V LM317 Buck Voltage Converter DIY Kit
Input voltage:AC 110V
Output voltage:DC 1.25V-12V
Output current:200mA
Output power:2.5W
Power wire length:100cm
Output wire length:20cm
Work Temperature:-40℃~85℃
Work Humidity:0%~95%RH
Detection Circuit Conduction State and Low Frequency Signal
Detection Circuit Conduction Status:
Connect the wire to the positive terminal of the power supply and the signal input terminal, when the wire is connected, the buzzer will sound
Test Low-frequency Signal:
Input the signal from the signal input terminal, if there is a signal, the buzzer will sound
Long Handle Voltage Adjustment Knob:
1.25-12V adjustable regulated output, output current 200mA, suitable for powering small DIY circuits
1.Voltage converter: Input AC 110V and adjustable output DC 1.25V-12V 200mA. It can provide work power for low-power electrical appliances.
2.Signal generator: It can output one PWM signal for laboratory circuit tests. Users can adjust output frequency by blue/white potentiometer.
3.Logic test circuit: It can set input high or low TTL signal and indicator by LED.
4.Buzzer alarm circuit: Circuit test and alarm by the buzzer.
Installation Manual 
Low power supply
Logic signal test instrument
Signal generator
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LM317 Adjustable Voltage Regulator Kit, AC-DC 110V to 1.25V-12V Step Down Module, DIY DC Power Supply Electronic Kits