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DC 8V-35V to DC 5V 8A Power Step-Down Module 4-Port USB Output Mobile Phone Car Charger Boost Power Supply Module

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  It is a 8A step-down module.It supports DC 8V-35V to 5V, which can effectively support various mobile phones for high current charging and fast charging speed.
  1).It uses 4 independent dedicated charging management ICs,which are safe and reliable.
  2).The charging identification IC is compatible with the full range of mobile phone products,and most mobile phones can reach fast charging speeds.
  3).Support 4 channels of USB for charging with 2A current at the same time.The current is large and the charging is fast,and the total output current can reach 8A.
  4).The input adopts MOS tube reverse connection protection,which greatly improves the conversion efficiency and reduces the loss.
  5).The output is with overvoltage protection,which can protect the mobile phone more effectively.
  6).The synchronous rectification scheme can effectively reduce the heat generation and increase the efficiency,and the efficiency can reach 96%.
  7).It uses advanced flat wire high-current inductors,large current and low heat generation,and high conversion efficiency.
  8).4 high-quality chip capacitors,and then increase the capacity of MLCC capacitors,the output ripple is lower,and the interference is smaller.
  9).It uses a high-quality double-layer gold-plated USB port,and its life span is twice that of ordinary USB.
  1).Product Name:8A Step-down Module
  2).Input Voltage:DC 8V-35V
  3).Input Current:5.5A
  4).Output Voltage:5.2V
  5).Output Current:8A
  6).Dynamic response speed:300us
  7).Conversion efficiency:95%
  8).Load adjustment rate:0.2-0.3%
  9).Ripple noise:120mVP-P
  10).Switching frequency:100KHz
  11).No-load current:18mA
  12).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  13).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
4.Supporting Device:
  1).Mobile phones,digital cameras,tablet computers,navigators,driving recorders and other devices that require USB power supply.
  2).It can charge 4 mobile phones at the same time,and the total current of 4 channels is 8A.
  3).Multiple input and output modes,support terminal input,DC socket input,output support 4*USB output,terminal output 5V.
  1pcs 8A Step-down Module
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DC 8V-35V to DC 5V 8A Power Step-Down Module 4-Port USB Output Mobile Phone Car Charger Boost Power Supply Module