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DC 3.3V-5V 5kg Resistive Thin Film Pressure Sensor Module for Arduino

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 This sensor module is based on nano pressure-sensitive materials supplemented with comfortable Yang-style modulus ultra-thin film substrates for one-time patching,and it has both waterproof and pressure-sensitive dual functions.
 When the sensor senses the external pressure, the resistance of the sensor changes,and we use a circuit to convert the pressure signal of the sensor's sensed pressure change into an electrical signal output with a corresponding change in intensity.
 In this way,we can get the pressure change by detecting the change of the electrical signal.
 1).This module is compatible with various microcontroller control boards, such as arduino series microcontrollers.
 2).The module contains 2 kinds of interfaces.
 3).The module comes with a 20cm wire, which is long enough for your use.
 4).It has a short response time and quick response.
 1).Product Name:Thin Film Pressure Sensor Module
 2).Working Voltage:DC 3.3V-5V
 3).Interface:Anti-reverse interface/pin header interface
 4).Control Signal:Analog signal
 5).Measuring Range: 5kg
 6).Response Point:150g
 9).Durability:1 million times(Min)
 10).Initial Resistance:greater than 10Mohm(no load)
 11).Response Time:1ms(Max)
 12).Recovery Time:15ms(Max)
 13).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
 14).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
 1).The sensor module uses a sensor element in series with a 510Kohm resistor.
One end of the sensor is connected to a 5V power supply, one end is connected to a 510Kohm resistor,and the other end is connected to GND. When testing,one end of the sensor connected to the resistance is the signal end,which is connected to the analog port.
 2).According to the above description,we get the calculation formula of resistance and analog value:R=(1023-A0)*510/A0,unit is Kohm; According to the above formula,we get the resistance value of the sensor element,and we can roughly get the pressure value.
 3).When the pressure value is greater than 5000g,the pressure value changes,and the resistance value hardly changes.Therefore,we recommend that the maximum pressure value is 5000g when testing.
 4).Since the sensing area of the sensor element is recessed, when testing, the test object needs to be placed in the sensing area in the middle of the wafer to test the results.If the sensor is directly placed on a flat surface,the test object is placed on the sensor to sense District,there is no test result.Therefore,we need to pad a small object in the sensor sensing area,and then put the test object on the small object in the sensor sensing area to test the results.
5.Product Usage:
 1).Smart Home
 2).Consumer Electronics
 3).Vehicle Electronics
 4).Medical Equipment
 5).Pressure Detection
 6).Smart Robot
 1).1pcs Thin Film Pressure Sensor Module
 2).1pcs 3PIN Line
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DC 3.3V-5V 5kg Resistive Thin Film Pressure Sensor Module for Arduino