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Green LED Power Indicator DIY Kit Battery Electricity Display Module Kits

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  1>.It has high precision LM3914 analog voltage detection, users can accurately know the remaining battery power.
  2>.The power display range is adjustable, and the display range can be adjusted according to the battery power.
  3>.LED power indicator light, clear at a glance.
  4>.Suitable for lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries and other batteries, widely used.
  5>.The power display tester is simple to test and easy to use.

  1>.Power consumption: bar display full brightness 42ma, single lamp display 4ma
  2>.Measuring range: battery in general 2.4-20v
  3>.Display mode: multi-light bar display or single lamp dot display
  4>.Size: 50*25mm

 3.Tips for use (One side of Nixie tube with words is a positive plate):
  1>.Adjustment sequence is to adjust the high-end voltage first and then adjust the low-end voltage. Repeat several times for accurate display.
  2>.Lower voltage display adjustment: When connecting to the lower limit voltage, turn counterclockwise if not lit, and clockwise if lit several or all lit. Adjust it to just lit one or none lit.
  3>.Upper voltage display adjustment: When connecting to the upper limit voltage, turn clockwise if not lit or lit several, and counterclockwise if all lit. Adjust it to just lit one or all lit.

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Green LED Power Indicator DIY Kit Battery Electricity Display Module Kits