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BA1404 BP FM Transmitter Module DIY Kit Stereo Emission Station Stereo Sound Module DIY Kits

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Product Introduction:
  This board adopts FM stereo transmit integrated BA1404 and 9018 radio frequency amplification circuit.
It has stable frequency,and operating voltage is 3V. It adopts frequency modulatoion stereo transmitting technique,
and it can transform stereo audio signal to frequency modulation stereo electric wave;and it can also achieve
stereo audio signal wireless high fidelity transmission.This board can be used as wireless microphone;
when plug into stereo audio signal as transmitter.Operating frequency is 85-115MHz continuous and adjustable,
its reference transmitting distance is 10-100m.

Component List:
NO. Components Silk Screen Parameter QTY
1 Resistor R1,R9,R10 2.2K ohm 3
2 Resistor R6,R7 51K ohm 2
3 Resistor R2 100K ohm 1
4 Resistor R4 1 ohm 1
5 Resistor R11 15 ohm 1
6 Resistor R12 1K ohm 1
7 Resistor R3 47K ohm 1
8 Crystal Oscillator Y1 38KHz 1
9 Adjustable Capacitor CV 30pF 1
10 Color Ring Inductor L2,L4,L3 100uH 3
11 Duplex Adjustable Resistor RP2 10K ohm 1
12 Toggle Switch S1 Single-Pore 1
13 IC U1 BA1404 1
14 Electrolytic Capacitor C1,C2,C3,C8,C28,C29 10uF 6
15 Ceramic Capacitor C4 220pF 1
16 Ceramic Capacitor C5 0.01uF 1
17 Ceramic Capacitor C6,C23,C24,C25,C26,C19,C20,C21 0.1uF 8
18 Ceramic Capacitor C17,C18,C13,C14,C9 1000PF 5
19 Ceramic Capacitor C16,C15 20PF 2
20 Electrolytic Capacitor C22 47uF 1
21 Ceramic Capacitor C7,C11,C27,C12,C10 10pF 5
22 Air-Cored Inductor L1,L6,L5 7T 3
23 Audio Socket J1 3F07 1
24 Triode Q1 9018 1
25 PCB     1

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BA1404 BP FM Transmitter Module DIY Kit Stereo Emission Station Stereo Sound Module DIY Kits

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