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DC 12-36V 500W Brushless Motor Drive Controller Board, Hall BLDC Motor Control Driver Board

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    It is a DC 12-36V 500W Brushless Motor Drive Controller Board with Hall Motor Balanced Vehicle Drive.

  1>.Operating Voltage: DC 12V-36V
  2>.Operating Current: <=15A
  3>.Driver Power: <=500W
  4>.Speed Voltage: 0.1V-5V
  5>.Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  6>.Humidity: 90% Rh
  7>.Stall Protection: Yes
  8>.Enable Control: Yes
  9>.Overcurrent Protection: Yes
  1>.Direction Control: Yes
  11>.Speed Control Signal: Yes
  12>.Size: 63*42*17mm

3.Power Supply Terminal Connections:
  1>.VCC: Positive power supply terminal
  2>.GND: Negative terminal (ground)
  3>.MC: Motor phase W
  4>.MB: Motor phase V
  5>.MA: Motor phase U

4.Control Side Settings:
  1>.Ground the control terminal for grounding purposes.
  2>.Vr: Adjuster terminal for controlling speed with a range of 0-5V (corresponding to 10% to 100% motor speed).
  3>.ZF: Reverse control (connect to 5V or ground to reverse the rotation direction of the motor).
  4>.m: Tachometer pulse output (the number of pulses per revolution depends on the motor pole count).
  5>.EL: Enable control terminal (grounded for motor stop, connect to 5V to enable the motor).
  6>.5V: 5V control terminal.

5.Terminal Connections in the Hall:
  1>.5V: Hall power supply positive pole
  2>.HA: Hall signal
  3>.HB: Hall signal
  4>.Hall signal
  5>.Ground: Hall negative pole

6.Wiring Instructions:
  Control Terminal Connections:
  1>.Motor Speed Control Wiring Method: The speed can be controlled using a potentiometer system or connected to a microcontroller. When using a potentiometer, connect the middle pin of the potentiometer to the VR speed port, and connect the two ends of the potentiometer to 5V and ground respectively. Increasing the voltage on the ground end will result in faster speed.

  2>.Motor Direction Control Wiring Method: The direction control can also be connected to a microcontroller using a switch. Ground one direction and provide 5V for the other direction.

  3>.Pulse Speed Signal: High and low outputs. The IC may not understand the specific information requested by the customer.

7.Hall Signal Input:
  1>.Refer to the wiring diagram, where one corresponds to HA, HB, HC. On the motor, connect the 5V power signal from the motor's HAL to the positive terminal, and connect the ground power signal to the negative terminal, and then connect to the motor hall.

  2>.Note: Due to variations in motor manufacturers, the ordering of the hall wires may not necessarily match the sequence on the circuit board. Adjustments may be needed, so please pay attention. Incorrect wire sequencing can lead to failure to start properly, excessive current, or other undesired effects, which can potentially damage the driver board.

  3>.The motor driver board accepts a 12-36V DC power supply input, with VCC as the positive power source and GND as the negative power source.

 4>.Electrical Wiring Method: For a three-wire brushless DC motor, connect MA/U, MB/V, MC/W correspondingly.

Note: If your heat sink is rated below 60W and you don't have an additional heat sink, it is important to add a heat sink rated above 60W. High temperatures can cause permanent damage.

The size of the heat sink may be based on working in harsh environments (we recommend a cooling area greater than 200 square centimeters). When installing the heat sink, make sure the MOS tube on the back of the module is insulated.

Without insulation, it can stick to the driver board and cause permanent damage. We recommend using insulation film and applying thermal grease on both sides of the heat sink.

  1pcs DC 12-36V 500W Brushless Motor Drive Controller Board

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DC 12-36V 500W Brushless Motor Drive Controller Board, Hall BLDC Motor Control Driver Board