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DC 3.3V 5V Bluetooth-Compatible 5.3 GFSK Stereo Wireless Audio Transceiver Module with Antenna

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   It is a Wireless Audio Transceiver Module
that integrates Bluetooth stereo audio transmission and reception. It uses Bluetooth 5.3 protocol and supports automatic reconnection to the last Bluetooth device that was connected.

The module can be configured to work in either Bluetooth audio transmission mode or Bluetooth audio reception mode through button operation. The transmission and reception modes use independent LEDs for indication. The module supports 3.7V/500mAH lithium battery power supply and TYPE-C interface for USB charging and power supply. It is widely used in situations that require Bluetooth audio reception, Bluetooth audio transmission, wireless audio transmission, DIY modification, and more.

When configured as a Bluetooth audio transmitter, it can transmit stereo audio signals wirelessly to modules configured in receive mode, as well as some Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth speakers.
When configured as a Bluetooth audio receiver, it can connect to smartphones and tablets to play Bluetooth music.

  1>.Support automatic connection back of Bluetooth devices that remember the last automatic connection
  2>.Transmit mode and receive mode are indicated by independent LED
  3>.Support 3.7V and 500mA lithium battery power supply

  1>.Model: KCX_BT_RTX01
  2>.Bluetooth device name: Bluetooth Audio
  3>.Work voltage: 3.5-5V
  4>.Work current:  35mA
  5>.Launch distance: ≤20m
  6>.Rf output power: +5dBm
  7>.Rf frequency range: 2402-2480MHz
  8>.Audio dynamic range: 80dB
  9>.Audio total harmonic distortion plus noise: -70dB
  10>.Audio Frequency: 20Hz-20KHz
  11>.Audio signal to noise ratio: 95dB
  12>.Audio input and output signal amplitude: ≤2Vpp
  13>.Track number: 2 channel (stereo)
  14>.Transmission delay: 250-300 ms
  15>.Work temprature:-20~85℃
  16>.Work huimidity: 5%~99%
  17>.Size: 60*42mm

  1>.1pcs Stereo Wireless Audio Transceiver Module
  2>.1pcs antenna

5. Note:

  Regarding product compatibility, due to the numerous Bluetooth headphones and speaker chip solutions on the market, and differences in their underlying software, when the module is configured in transmission mode, it is guaranteed to be perfectly compatible only with our store's Bluetooth audio receiver and Bluetooth module.

  We do not guarantee compatibility with other Bluetooth receiver devices produced by other manufacturers, or with in-car navigation systems or devices that require pairing password verification.

  If you encounter compatibility issues (such as inability to connect or no sound after connecting) when connecting to other manufacturers' Bluetooth receivers, we will be unable to resolve them. Please be aware of this, thanks!


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DC 3.3V 5V Bluetooth-Compatible 5.3 GFSK Stereo Wireless Audio Transceiver Module with Antenna