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DC 12V isolated APT-X CSR8645 Lossless Music Hifi Bluetooth-compatible 4.1 Receiver Board Amplifier Module for Audio Car Amplifier Speaker

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    This module is hosted by CSR BC8645 chip to provide high quality sound quality and compatibility, and overall performance is superior. The Bluetooth module adopts the driver-less mode. Customer only needs to connect the module to the application product, and can quickly realize the wireless transmission of music and enjoy the fun of wireless music.
  Supports high-quality sound APT-X digital transmission, and can connect two main Bluetooth devices at the same time. After the module is powered on, it automatically connect to the last paired mobile phone. The second-to-last paired mobile phone needs to be manually connected. If the 6 paired devices are turned on at the same time, the last paired phone is automatically connected.
    1>.Support call function;
    2>.Support balanced output;
    3>.Lossless audio;
    4>.Low power consumption;
    5>.Bluetooth v4.1;
    6>.Solve the common ground current;
    7>.Solve noise.
    1>.Product Name:12V CSR8645 APT-X Lossless Music HIFI Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver
    2>.Working Voltage:DC 11.5V-12.5V
    3>.Bluetooth specification:Bluetooth V4.1
    5>.Support Bluetooth protocol:HFPV1.6, A2DPV1.2,AVRCPV1.4,HSPV1.2
    6>.Working current:<=30mA
    7>.Stand-by current:<50uA
    8>.Wireless transmission range:100meter(Max)
    9>.Support mode: Class1/Class2/Class3
    10>.Transmission power: 9dbm(Max)
    12>.Frequency Range:2.4GHz~2.480GHz
    13>.Audio performance:APT-X
    14>.Audio signal to noise ratio:>75dB
    16>.Working Temperature range:-40℃~85℃
    17>.Working Humidity range:0%-95%RH
4.Pin definition:
    1>.VOL+:Volume adjustment.Increase volume.Connect to a button.
    2>.VOL-:Volume adjustment.Decrease volume.Connect to a button.
    3>.NEXT:Next song.Connect to a button.
    4>.PREV:Previous song.Connect to a button.
    5>.PLY:Connect to a button.
        5.1>Short press:Play/Pause/Answer Call/Hang up Call.
        5.2>.Long press:Configuration button.Repair
    6>.COM:Common terminal for buttons.Connect to another pin of buttons.
    7>.BAT:Backup power.Connect to positive of 3.7V battery.It can not be used.
    8>.GND:Backup power.Connect to negative of 3.7V battery.It can not be used.
    9>.VCC:Work power input terminal.Connect to positive of 12V.
    10>.GND:Work power input terminal.Connect to negative of 12V.
    11>.OUTL:Balanced audio output.Left channel.Connect to power amplifier or headset device with OUTL/AGND/OUTR.
    12>.AGND:Balanced audio output.Common terminal.Connect to power amplifier or headset device with OUTL/AGND/OUTR.
    13>.OUTR:Balanced audio output.Right channel.Connect to power amplifier or headset device with OUTL/AGND/OUTR.
    14>.NC:Reserved pin.
    15>.MUTE:External amplifier mute control pin.
    16>.NC:Reserved pin.
    17>.NC:Reserved pin.
    18>.NC:Reserved pin.
    19>.M-:Audio input terminal.Connect to negative of microphone.
    20>.M+:Audio input terminal.Connect to positive of microphone.
5.Using Steps:
    1>.Connect buttons and microphone and audio output socket as pin definition or wiring diagram as shown in picture.
    2>.Connect correct voltage.
    3>.Connect to suitable power amplifier board or headphone or speaker device at audio output socket.
    4>.Pair with your phone(Select pairing directly without a password).
    5>.Play music at phone.
    6>.Test and use.
   It is recommended to use lithium battery for Backup power.
    1>.Stereo Bluetooth speaker;
    2>.Stereo Bluetooth headset;
    3>.Bluetooth hands-free calling;
    4>.Bluetooth control;
    5>.Multi-media equipment;





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DC 12V isolated APT-X CSR8645 Lossless Music Hifi Bluetooth-compatible 4.1 Receiver Board Amplifier Module for Audio Car Amplifier Speaker