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Dual Channel Stereo Loudspeaker Delay Protection Board AC 12V-18V / DC 12V-25V 5A

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  It is a two-channel stereo delay protection board. It can be safely supplied with the power amplifier board public power supply, and will not cause the noise floor to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio. Even the power amplifier board or other devices such as balanced output can be used directly,and the wiring is simple and easy.

1.It adds a fan power supply interface, and the heat sink of the power amplifier is small and there is no need to worry about the problem of large heat.

2.It also has a deceleration function,which can effectively reduce fan noise,short-circuit the deceleration resistor, and directly output DC 12V for other equipment.

3.It also has an independent DC 12V power supply port,which overcomes the problem that the ordinary protection board does not work with DC 12V power supply.Just adjust the jumper cap.

4.The relay control circuit is completely isolated from the output circuit of the power amplifier.It does not need to be powered by an independent power supply.It can be powered by the power amplifier board public power supply.It will not cause noise,will not reduce the signal-to-noise ratio,and will not affect the sound quality. It also supports the power amplifier board.

5.Its wiring is simple, and the wrong signal polarity will not affect the work of the protection board.

6.It supports single/dual voltage take-all,and the voltage power amplifier board does not have to worry about voltage imbalance caused by supplying power to the protection board.

7.It has stable contact,low resistance and long life.

  1.Product Name:Two-channel Stereo Delay Protection Board
  2.Supply Voltage:AC 12V~18V/DC 12V~25V
  3.Working Current:100mA(Max)
  4.Boot Delay:3s~4s
  5.Shutdown Delay:0s
  6.Controllable Current:each channel has a maximum of 5A,and two channels can be connected in parallel to form a channel of 10A.
  7.Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  8.Work Humidity:5%~95%RH

  1.The fan power supply port is just an additional function,you can use it when you want to use it.
  2.The module is decelerated,and the large resistance on the short circuit board can make the fan port output DC 12V.It is not limited to being used for fans,but also for connecting to front-end,decoding,and other equipment.

5.AC/DC Jumper Cap:
  1.The jumper cap is placed on the AC side,the AC and DC power supply port is used for power supply,and the DC 12V dedicated power supply port is invalid.
  2.The jumper cap is placed on the DC side,the DC 12V dedicated power supply port is used for power supply,and the AC and DC dual-purpose power supply port is invalid.

  1pcs Two-channel Stereo Delay Protection Board


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Dual Channel Stereo Loudspeaker Delay Protection Board AC 12V-18V / DC 12V-25V 5A