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DIY Kits NE555 Traffic Signal Light Simulator DIY Module Kits Red Green Yellow Light Analog Signal Simulator DC 5-10V

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Press S1, U1 NE555 integrated circuit 2, 4 pin will get low level at the same time; 555 output 3 pin is low level, 7 pin is discharging and 6 pin is low level.
If loosen S1, 4 pin will become high level, then 2, 6 pin are both low level. Therefore, U1 NE555 output 3 pin is high level, Q2 is connected and the 4pcs LEDs on the left group will be on;
At the same time, Q3 is connected, U2555 output low level, and the LEDs on the right group will be off.

Work Status:
The controller can control the on/off of the red lamp, green lamp and yellow lamp from four directions.
When the red lamp on the east and west is on, the lamp on the south and north is on, and the cars and passers-by can go across the street;
when the lamp on the east and west is transforming into green from red and the lamp on the south and north is transforming into red from green, the yellow lamp will flash.


NO. Parameter Value
1 Name Traffic light DIY Kit
2 Operating Voltage DC 4.5-5V
3 PCB Size 90*46mm

Component List:

NO. Component Name PCB Marker Parameter QTY
1 Electrolytic Capacitor C1,C2 22uF/10-50V 2
2 Electrolytic Capacitor C3,C4 10uF/10-50V 2
3 Electrolytic Capacitor C5 1uF/10-50V 1
4 Rectifier diode D1-D4 1N4001 4
5 2*5*7 LED L3,L4,L7,L8 Red 4
6 2*5*7 LED L1,L2,L5,L6 Green 4
7 2*5*7 LED L9-L12 Yellow 4
8 Transistor Q1-Q5 S8050 5
9 Metal Film Resistor R1,R2,R8,R14,R16 10K 5
10 Metal Film Resistor R3,R4,R15 510K 3
11 Metal Film Resistor R5,R6 1M 2
12 Metal Film Resistor R7 100ohm 1
13 Metal Film Resistor R9,R10,R11,R12,R13 1K 5
14 Button S1 6*6*5mm 1
15 NE555 U1-U3 DIP-8 3
16 CD4011 U4 DIP-14 1
17 PCB   90*46mm 1

NOTE: You can complete the installation by PCB silk screen and the component listing.

Circuit Diagram:

Finished Product Picture:


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DIY Kits NE555 Traffic Signal Light Simulator DIY Module Kits Red Green Yellow Light Analog Signal Simulator DC 5-10V

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