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XH-M348 DC-DC Step Up Module Boost Converter Voltage Regulator Power Supply Module DC 5V-24V to DC 24V

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This module uses a new original XL6012 dual chip, with dual bridge boost technology, to achieve 5-12V liters 24V, the maximum output current 5A and power 120W.


NO. Parameters Value
1 Product name DC-DC boost power module
2 Product model XH--M348
3 Boost chip Dual XL6012 chip
4 Input voltage DC 5-24V
5 Output voltage DC 24V
6 Maximum current 10A
7 Maximum power 240W
8 Conversion efficiency Greater than 94%
9 Switching frequency 180KHz
10 Appearance size 78*63*40mm
11 Other functions Thermal shutdown, soft start, current limiting

Component introduction:
1>. Built in XL6012 chip.
2>. Aluminum alloy black coating radiator
The Black coating helps to absorb heat and improve heat dissipation efficiency. It also can effectively prevent Schottky and XL6012 overheating.
3>. Large inductance with double copper core
Inductive coil action on AC finite current. It can form high or low pass filter, phase shift circuit and resonant circuit with resistor or capacitor.  It can connect DC and resistance AC.
4>. Additional soldering circuit
It can Increase current flow capacity
5>. Dual layer high density glass fiber circuit board for 1.6mm military quality.
The circuit board is not only thick, but also of high density. And after a long period of use, there will be no edge delamination bulge phenomenon.

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XH-M348 DC-DC Step Up Module Boost Converter Voltage Regulator Power Supply Module DC 5V-24V to DC 24V

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