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Intelligent Offline Voice Control Module Voice Recognition Chip SU-03T

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  It is a voice control module.SU-03T is a low-cost,low-power,small-size offline voice recognition module,which can be quickly applied to smart homes,all kinds of smart home appliances,toys,lamps and other products that require voice control.
  1).Using 32bit RISC core,running frequency 240M.
  2).Support DSP instruction set and FPU floating point arithmetic unit.
  3).FFT accelerator:supports up to 1024 points of complex FFT/IFFT operations,or 2048 points of real FFT/IFFT operations.
  4).Built-in high-speed SRAM,built-in 2MB FL ASH.
  5).Built-in 3W,mono AB power amplifier.
  6).Support 1 electret microphone.
  7).Support 12S input/output.
  8).Support 5V power input.
  9).Built-in 5V to 3.3V,3.3V external load does not exceed 150mA.
  10).RC 12MHz clock source and PLL phase-locked loop clock source.
  11).Built-in POR (Power on Reset),low voltage detection and watchdog.
  12).All GPIOs can be configured as external interrupt input and wake-up sources.
  13).1 standard SPI Master interface,the highest rate is 30MHz.
  14).One SPI Slave interface has a maximum rate of 30MHz.
  15).A full-duplex UART has a maximum rate of 3Mbps.
  16).1 I2C master/slave controller with a maximum speed of 400kHz,2 PWM outputs.
  17).One 12-bit SAR-ADC has a maximum sampling rate of 450Khz.
  1).Product Name:Voice Control Module
  2).Support Interface:UART/GPIO/ADC/PWM/SPI /12S/I2C
  3).Average Working Current:60mA
  4).Power Supply Range:power supply voltage 3.6V~ 5.5V
  5).Supply Current:200mA
  6).Work Temperature:-20℃~85℃
  7).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
4.Support Speaker Specifications:
  1).VCC=5V,4ohm load,provide up to 2.9W output power
  2).VCC=5V,8ohm load,provide up to 1.8W output power.
  1pcs Voice Control Module


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