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TB6560 TB6600 3A DC 10V-35V Stepper Motor Driver Module

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  It is a stepper motor driver.The motor drive board is a circuit that is matched with the motor to make the motor run normally.It is a device required for a specific motor to run.
  1).It uses 6N137 high-speed optical coupling to ensure high speed without losing step.
  2).It uses the brand-new TB6560AHQ chip,which has low-voltage shutdown,over-heat shutdown and over-current protection circuits to ensure performance.
  3).It is suitable for two-phase/four-phase/four-wire/six-wire stepper motors with 42,57 steps within 3A,and is not suitable for stepping motors over 3A.
  4).It supports automatic half-flow function.
  1).Product Name:Stepper Motor Driver
  2).Working Voltage:DC 10V-35V
  3).Rated Output Current:+/-3A
  5).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  6).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
4.Wiring Definition:
  1).+24V,GND:Input Voltage DC 10V-35V
  2).A+,A-:motor phase A
  3).B+,B-:motor B phase
  4).CLK+,CLK-:pulse positive and negative terminals
  5).CW+,CW-:direction positive and negative
  6).EN+,EN-:enable positive and negative terminals
  1).There are 6 input terminals,which can be easily connected into common anode or common cathode input form.
  2).The level of the input pulse is 5V.If it is a 12V level pulse,a 1K resistor should be connected in series,and if it is a 24V level pulse,a 2.4K resistor should be connected in series.
  3).When the CLK has pulses,the motor runs,and when there is no pulse,it automatically enters the set half-current state to lock the motor.
  4).The motor rotates forward when CW is low or suspended,and reverses when it is high.
  5).When EN is low or floating,it is working state,and when it is high,it is offline.
  1).Check the wiring repeatedly,and then power on.Connecting the wrong wire may burn the chip.
  2).The set current should not exceed the rated current of the motor.
   1pcs Stepper Motor Driver
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TB6560 TB6600 3A DC 10V-35V Stepper Motor Driver Module