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DIY Kit RGB LED Flashing Controller SMD Component Soldering Practice Electronic Kits

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  Double-sided full patch design, 9 components of the bottom layer, a total of 90 components, 255 solder joints, 14 test points, can be used for initial identification of components, welding exercises. The top-level component 13 has a total of 150 components, 348 solder joints, 21 test points, and 10 pads, which can be used for soldering exams. The quality of the weld can be visualized by the illumination of the 31 LEDs.
The circuit is novel, interesting, and complete in components. It adopts double-sided fiberglass tinplate, which is another masterpiece after the 1801 patch welding practice board. It can be used as patch welding practice, training, examination, competition, etc. , provide WORD version of the simulation test questions, so that everyone can flexibly modify.
  This kit is added to the ultra-small components such as 0201 and 0402, and also incorporates the SOT323 anti-static field effect tube, which greatly increases the welding difficulty, and is especially suitable for the selection of test sites and competitions in factory positions.
1803 SMD Welding Practice Exam Kit: There are 10 major functions as follows. Training, exams, and competitions are preferred.
  Interesting - add 4-6V after the circuit is installed, it is a 10-way binary counting light + 11 road with a carry-in water lamp, novelty fun.
  Training - There are 240 components and 603 solder joints. It can be divided into practice and test surfaces. It can be practiced or tested.
  Comprehensiveness - The circuit has 14 types of commonly used components, adding 0201, 0402, anti-static field tube and other components, and can be familiar with the use of more components.
  Practicality - The circuit has a specific function, which is an electronic work, and it is more practical to imitate the anti-static requirements of the factory.
  Simulation - with simulation questions, can be used for competition, selection, exams and other references.
  Conservative - can be used repeatedly for desoldering, improve the utilization rate, and both the front and the back can be used to save costs.
  Flexibility - Each component is numbered, no parameters are specified, and parameters can be flexibly adjusted. Questions can be modified as needed.
  Intelligent - the circuit can be energized to intelligently determine whether the welding is normal, 31 indicators can see the location of the fault point.
  Innovative – the circuit design is novel and the difficulty can be adjusted as needed.
  Technical - The circuit has a unique working principle, provides a complete schematic, and has 35 test points to facilitate various tests, which is conducive to improving the theoretical level.
Work voltage:DC 5V
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DIY Kit RGB LED Flashing Controller SMD Component Soldering Practice Electronic Kits